Although last month we had to sadly say goodbye to our amazing Randy (Aimee), it was another successful month for us overall. It was so lovely to see you all getting involved in our Easter campaign and really getting in the spirit - it definitely reflected through our customers! So thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm once again ⭐️

Following that, we can finally share with you who our employee of the month is.......


Even though Courtney is part time while at uni she has put in a lot of extra shifts this month to help us out! She has a great work ethic and attitude and nothing is ever to much trouble for her. She goes out of her way to chat and get to know every single person she serves and it's safe to say our customers love her! Well done Courtney you are such a pleasure to work with and a complete asset to our team ❤️⭐️

Another huge well done to everyone who has earned themselves a green apron card for their stand out performances on shift - Molly, Emily T, Christina, Wilson and Becky ⭐️ keep up the good work guys and bag yourself some more of these cards 💪🏻

Tomorrow sees the launch of our huge new summer promotion "Craft Meets Cold". Cold coffee is set to become a massive trend this year especially with our millennials, we want to try and encourage the public to choose iced coffee as an alternative to fizzy drinks and juices as an afternoon pick me up or to have with their lunch. The majority of 18-24 year olds start drinking coffee by drinking iced coffee so we have the perfect opportunity to sell our new cold crafted beverages to our wide variety of customers ☕️️

This year our famous Cold Brew is making its return and it tastes so much better than last year! The mix of Latin American and African coffee is slow steeped for 20 hours making it naturally sweeter and smoother. We want to try and convert all of our customers who drink iced americanos into drinking our cold brew, so when someone orders an iced americano let's try and encourage them to switch by saying something like "did you want to try our new cold brew instead today? It's naturally sweeter and smoother and we can add any of our syrups in there if you'd like?" It's also super low in cals!!

This year Starbucks are introducing the brand new Cappuccino Freddo. Made with simple syrup, smooth and creamy cold foam and finished with chilled espresso shots, this drink is perfect for customers who want an iced coffee to relax with and it's also super skinny!

And finally we have our new Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream which tastes absolutely amazing! Made with cold brew, vanilla syrup and vanilla infused cream, its the perfect drink for those who like something a bit sweeter. To show our customers how great this drink is we want to add a special touch when we serve it, so whenever someone orders this beverage we want to write a nice little message on the cup like "have a nice day" or even just a smiley face which will then be revealed when we pour the vanilla cream in. Little touches like this can make a customers day and just makes their experience a little bit more special. (No phone numbers to be given out please sturg 👀)

Practice making these beverages while on shift to make sure that you perfect them before the big launch tomorrow and make sure to try them so you can let customers know just how good they are. We have a lot of customers who come through the Drive Thru who don't really know what they're looking for when it comes to cold coffee so we need to make sure we are fully clued up so we can sell these products and find the perfect drink for them.

Despite having these amazing new drinks on our menu we still want to push our frappuccino's. To mix it up a bit we have put a board on the Drive Thru advertising our amazing selection of secret frapps to show customers just how much of a variety we have. If you're unsure on how to make some of these secret frappes please ask someone on shift and they will be happy to help you 😊

We're going to be hosting a huge sampling event on Wednesday May 10th over the entire region where customers can come and try samples of the new drinks and hopefully convert to drinking iced coffee! The event will last a couple of hours and we're hoping to set it up outside with hopefully some sunshine and music 😎. Courtney and Sturg have kindly offered to help host this event but everyone is welcome to pop down with friends and family. If customers bring their sampling cups up to the till when ordering a cold crafted beverage they will get 25p off!

Like every new promotion we have a new origin espresso and this time it's Peru - a balanced coffee with mild nut flavours. We also have returning the yoghurt and berry loaf and the orange, mandarin and chocolate loaf. The new buttermilk chicken and chipotle wrap and kale, jalapeño and spinach wrap have also been added to the menu. 🌯

Through the week breakfast is our busiest trade, so we are going to encourage our morning customers to come back and visit us in the afternoon that same week by giving them a treat receipt. All we have to do is stamp their receipt and let them know if they bring it back after 12 midday they can get a half price cold crafted beverage!

So that's an overview of our new promotions that we have over the next month, let's try and push it as much as we can and sell crazy amounts of iced coffees! Each day we will set specific targets for you all which we have no doubt you will smash so let's go for it 💪🏻

P.s. good luck to everyone sitting exams over the next few weeks - you'll do amazing 👊🏻

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