North Korea Economics Project Handcrafted by: zain and jack

What Natural Resources does my country have in significant amounts?

North Korea is abundant in all different types of mineral resources such as coal, graphite, iron ore, petroleum, gold, copper, salt, and magnesite.

What is the population of my country?

The population of North Korea is 25,405,296 people.

How is wealth distributed in my country?

Despite North Korea being a communistic government in which everything is supposed to be shared in terms of wealth, the income gap between the wealthy upper class and working class continues to widen. This and the closed off economy from the outside world is the cause of thousands of North Koreans to die of starvation every year.

This is North Korea's emblem

What kind of government does my country have? How involved/stable is the government in my country?

North Korea has a communist government. The government is very involved and makes all the decisions in my country.

Was my country a colony? Who colonized it? How long has it been independent?

Immediately after defeating Japan in World War ll, America began to occupy what would later be South Korea while the Soviet Union occupied the Northern half of Korea.

Who are/were the visionaries of my country?

Kim II-Sung was the founder and the first leader of North Korea.

Analysis Questions

a) What has positively contributed to the prosperity of North Korea?

Some things that have positively contributed to North Korea's prosperity would primarily be that it doesn't rely on other countries for goods.

b) What has negatively contributed to the prosperity of my country?

The Songun Chongch’i is a military first politics made by North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il. This policy has mostly elegated negative responses for neighboring countries.

c) Is my country fulfilling its economic potential? Why or why not?

No, North Korea is nowhere near close to fulfilling its economic potential. There are many parts that are contributing to this is; they allow very little immigration into their country which keeps the country from being able to develop and industrialize to a profitable extent.

d) Is my country in rise or decline or status quo?

North Korea is in decline because-as mentioned earlier-the Songun Chongch’i is making a bad reputation and destroying its economy.

e) What would need to happen to improve my country's economic status?

Just a few changes would need to be made to this country in order to improve the way that it works.

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