Rome, Italy by: Bella Leonetti

This is for people who have Italian families. As we get farther and farther into this passage you will learn several things about Rome, Italy. The things you will be learning are were there any wars in Italy, their governments, and last but not least any special holidays we do not have here.

There has been a series of violent and deadly wars in Italy from 1494-1559. For example, 1499 Louis XII attacked Italy and took Milan and Genoa. Then in 1503 Ferdinand V driven them out, and held them as prisoners for a very long time. There was also other wars like the “Battle Of Marignano.” Another interesting fact is that Francis was captured and was actually forced to sign “The Treaty Of Madrid” in 1526. Did you that know Francis gave up all his claims to Italy by signing “The Treaty Of Cambresis”? Then finally all the wars ended in Rome Italy by 1559.

Did you know that Rome is the National Capital of Italy? The seat official residence of the President's Italian republic , and also the Prime Minister of both houses of the Parliament. The Italian Constitution is also located in the Historical Centre. At the end of World War II, the early 90’s, Italy had a multi-party system which dominated parties, the christian Democratic party.

Epiphany is a Italian holiday that we do not have here in Ohio. It is January 6. They celebrated Epiphany because it is a religious feast that brings a perfect fulfillment of all the purpose of advent. It marks the liturgical zenith of the Christmas season. It is also customary to replace the pictures of the shepherds at the crib with the kings and their amazing gifts too.

Your mind should be blown after you read that the wars in Italy didn’t stop until 1559, that was a really long time too.


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