Personality Type Bridget Despard

After taking the Carl Jung Typology Test, I was identified as having the ISFP personality. This means that I favor introversion over extraversion, sensing over intuition, feeling over thinking, and perceiving over judging.
I favor being and introvert over and extravert. I am more of a quiet person and I typically think before I speak instead of just saying whatever crosses my mind like an extravert.
I favor sensing over intuition. I am more inclined to focus on how the reality of things are than to imagine the possiblilities of what could be like a person who favors intuition would.
According to the Carl Jung Typology Test, I favor feeling over thinking. I like to use my values to make decisions rather than logic as a person who favors thinking would. I also often choose mercy over justice.
I am more of a perceiver than a judger. I like to experience things for myself rather than sticking to a schedule like a judger. I like to be spontaneous rather than making plans in advance. I also tend to put things off until the last minute.

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