dream job cARA LYTTLE

My dream job is to be a vet
Veterinarians diagnose and treat pets and animals on farms, ranches, zoos, racetracks and laboratories. They prescribe medication, vaccinate animals and educate owners on general care. They dress wounds, perform surgery and operate medical equipment, such as x-ray machines. They can also euthanize animals that are beyond help. Veterinarians are often called by their animal specialties. For example, equine veterinarians handle horses, research veterinarians work in laboratories and food animal veterinarians inspect livestock.
skills needed to be a vet
•most vets have a passion for animals •Interpersonal Skills Business Skills Academic Competencies
i will need to have communication skills with people.
the hardest part in being a vet is gaining the animals trust communicating with it to get close enough once that is done the bond will never break an animal is a friend for life.
Veterinarians need a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from one of 28 accredited veterinary programs. This course of study takes four years and combines classroom, laboratory and clinical experience. Most vets also have a bachelor’s degree, obtained before application to veterinary school. They must have courses in biology, chemistry, zoology, microbiology, animal science and anatomy
veterinarians made an average £91,250 per year as of May 2011, according to the BLS. However, annual pay ranged from £50,480 to £141,680 per year
I want my place of work to be all around the world so I can get experience in helping all sorts of animals from cats and dogs to elephants and tigers. I don't don't want it to be my job I want it to be my adventure.


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