Code Kids Workshop The Magic Button Project

What can you make your button do? 

Create New Project

Create New Project

Blank Template

Choose Blank Template
Delete The Cody Character
Hit The Plus Sign Top Right Hand Side
Choose An Actor

Go to the Sci Fi assets and scroll through until you find this button.

Add The Button
Hit The Code

It comes with some pre existing code.

Pre Existing Code

Let's add to it!

Copy This Code

You will notice in the code above that a new costume block is added. Go into the button's properties to add this explosion costume.

Flaming comet found in Sci Fi Assets.

Add it to a scene...

Can you create a dramatic ending?


It's all gone!

Copy my code...

And then make it better!

This project is part of our online Code Kids Workshop!


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Shauna Kay Code Kids Workshop

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