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Photography: Week 1

These are the three photos I ended up using for the photography project. The first image is my self portrait I used. I decided to try and convey that I feel like I'm always on the outside of exciting things. Like there's always two sides and I always find myself on the other side. The second picture is natural lighting with pale flowers as the focus. The last picture I used is my unique expression photo. I actually took it at a concert I attended. It was during one of his more popular songs and I wanted to capture that even through all the chaos it can still be more quiet and peaceful.

Photography: Week 2

These are the pictures I took to use for the "story" photography unit. It's a healthy leaf, wilting leaf and decomposing leaf.

Photography: Week 3

This is my final and last photo for the photography project. I want it to inspire and convey a meaning of resist. I took this photo during the 17 minute walk-out against gun violence, with Arthur Harvey on Matias Kruse's shoulders. Gun violence is an issue and walk-outs are a way to express that even the younger generations know it's wrong.

Photography: Week 4

I chose this picture to represent my self portrait of Erin because I think she is beautiful and curious. Beauty is represented by her face and roses and curiosity represented by the way she is curiously looking at it.

Photography: Week 5 (update)

Week 5 update: I have decided to try and take either pictures for pride or mental issues (inspired by Ruby Vinson) but I have not decided which one. I have multiple ideas for both topics, so now I have to choose which one I personally like more.

Photography: Week 5


I decided to re-use this photo for the social justice project since it conveys everything I want it to convey. Resist. I like that you don't know what social justice issue it stands for, just that it stands for SOMETHING.
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