Needs, Wants and Prohibitions of OAPs By Ryan Brown

The OAPs would go on holiday depending on their situation. This is where since they are now getting older, they would have more free time and more money to spend on their holiday. Choices can be affected on choosing a holiday which focus on the needs, wants and prohibitions side. One of the most popular activities the OAPs would like to do is to go on a Cruise where they make 13% of the market.

This would appeal to the OAPs where they would visit multiple destinations to exotic places like Alaska, Caribbean and Australia. The things that they would appeal going to these destinations is seeing the scenery, shop at boutiques for gifts and they are a once in a lifetime opportunity to do.

The needs for OAPs on a cruise is that there is food on board, rooms with a bed and water to drink is essential on a cruise holiday so that they can survive and this is what would be included. They would also need to bring tickets and passports with visas so that they can get to their destination.

The wants for OAPs on a cruise is the option of doing an on shore excursion exploring the area which they would most likely do. Doing the different activities and seeing the entertainment on the ship to get more out of the experience. Go to a fancy restaurant on the ship which would be expensive and a way to celebrate the moment.

The prohibitions that might affect the OAPs is the flights to these locations can be long haul which can have the affect of jet lag. The type of cruise ship involved where they would prefer a luxury ship that has high standards suited to them compared to the mainstream ships which cater to everyone.

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