What a week.....

Mr Walker has really encouraged us to think about space, movement and team work. We are much more agile and in control of the ball already. Good work Year 1.

This week we stepped into our new mantle story. We saw a lady on a beach in the distance. She appeared very upset and anxious. We then realised that she was cuddling a baby, which she left behind. We were deeply worried about this. Some of us thought it was a lady from a different country, some thought that the baby needed to be adopted. After much discussion, we decided that we could help, very child has the right to have their health and food. We drew items that the baby would need, and left the mum a note.

We have continued to develop our understanding of 3D and 2d shapes. We have made them, drawn them, built with them. We have predicted which shapes will roll and slide, and why this is. We have shown great resilience, team work as well as developing our mathematical language.

The senses.

As part of our mantle and our science learning we have learnt that humans have 5 senses. We investigated them all, sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. We ate different fruits, described them. We made our names in different textures, and used an app to detect sounds. We challenged ourselves to predict different smells, and used our eyes to spot the difference and look closely at natural objects.