M-A Drama Takes the Stage BrYnn baker and triana devaux

On Sunday, March 17, the drama program performed their third showing of the Spring Play: The Man Who Came to Dinner. The production takes place in Ohio, and follows main character, Sheridan Whiteside, throughout his comedic stay with the Stanley family, after fracturing his hip on their doorstep. With many laughs, surprises, and new characters popping up left and right, the production is sure to please.

Glinder and Cuellar-Koh posing for a photo.

"I play June Stanley," an actor, Sophie Glinder states. "I'm the daughter of the family who's doorstep that Whiteside falls on." Glinder continued, saying that her favorite part of participating in the production has been "hanging out with everyone," and that she has "gotten closer to all of her friends". She joked, "I also like the fact that I get to pretend to be good at iceskating, I have never done that before." Glinder claims that she is similar to her character in the sense that "she likes to make everyone happy, and I feel like that's a big part of who I am." Another actor, Ria Cuellar-Koh, describes that she plays "Beverly Carlton, who is a British playwrite composer." Cuellar-Koh joked that her character is "very extravagant, and over the top, which can be me in certain situations."

Louie T. Leon III as Sheridan Whiteside playing his role on stage.
McDonnell preparing to take the stage as her character, Miss Preen.

Sophomore, Katherine McDonnell plays Miss Preen, who "has to care after Whiteside, despite the fact that he yells at her, and is super mean to her." In regards to differences between herself and her character, McDonnell says, "I don't get angry very often, while she gets very frustrated." Within the production, and drama community as a whole, McDonnell concluded, "I like the costumes, but most of all, I like the people."

Actor Jacey Williams posing for a picture with stage crew member, Alexandra Ornes.
Smith smiles for a picture before her entrance.

Kayli Smith, another actor who plays the Stanley family's neighbor, described the plot in more detail. "The play is about a man who falls on the doorstep of Ms. and Mr. Stanley, and hurts his hip. He's been living in their house for a good, month or two, and is pretty much driving them mad." Smith claims that her favorite part of the whole process has been "meeting new people, both interacting with, and getting to know them."

Actor Leo Becker performing her comedic role as Dr. Bradley
Actor Sean Fabrega choosing her costume off of the rack.
Fesas, who plays secretary, Maggie Cutler, and Brosamer, portraying Bert Jefferson on stage.

Milo Brosamer, an M-A drama veteran describes his character as "the editor in chief, main writer, and owner of the whole Mesalia Journal, which is the town newspaper." Brosamer continues, "He is a talented writer, and over the course of the show, he writes a play, which gets passed around." Brosamer claims that his character's most notable trait is perhaps his naiveté, as another character attempts to manipulate him later on in the production.

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