What is in Area 51 By:Claudia Torres

Many people wonder if Area 51 has aliens. Does area 51 have aliens? If so, what are they doing with them? Why is Area 51 called Area 51? Area 51 is a mysterious place with all the high tech security. Did you know that the name Area 51 does not have to do with aliens? Why does Area 51 have so many guards and many trespassing signs? Many people wonder if Area 51 has aliens. Do you?

Theory 1

Does Area 51 have aliens, there is proof. People say that there are blacked out windows and there are not booked planes, which is were people that work at Area 51 go on to go to the base. Here's a fact, people that have claimed they work they worked there they are all part of the CIA, detectives or in the military, and people all over the country work there. There are a new plans that look more high tech, how can they make all this high tech things. People have reported that some people have come home having red skin and then their skin falling off. After people have reported this President Bill Clinton signed an executive order explaining Area 51. A man claimed that he works at Area 51 and he worked with 9 aliens saucers are housed so they can learn there work. They crazy thing is that he had evidence of Area 51 is real but it all disappeared, then a person named Jay-Rod (Nickname: Jay-Rod 2), Jay-Rod 2 is a 30 years working on reproductions of aliens flying saucers. He also said he's seen gray aliens during the beginning of his work on his project.

People that have seen U.F.O and have told people or just talk about it or plan, this people have also reported that there is two men that are were all dressed in black. Ok let's break it down, the word “Black” means covert, undercover, not seen, people say that once you get involved with government thing all your files just disappear but why, people that have seen them say the men in black are humanoid-type aliens masquerading as humans and when you look into there eyes it’s like looking into their soul. In 1976 a magazine writer named Dr. Herbert Hopkins. Dr.Herbert, Hopkins was writing a UFO abduction case when a stranger called saying that they have some information about his case, the weird thing is that nobody knew about it, it has not been published, but he said that they can help him so he told them what street he was on and that he was going to leave the porch lights on. When he turn on the light they were there he let them in and they said that the information that he had was true they scared him so bad that he stopped his investigating.

When a former Air Force soldier learned about the thing that they do in Area 51 he later on got Harassed,Tranquilized, Interrogated. Now what is the meaning of Area 51’s name.

Theory 2

Area 51 was construction in 1955, what exactly does the ’51′ in Area 51 refer to?” The answer has less to do with aliens. The base were just testing out on the new U-2 Spy Plane, Area 51 was originally named Paradise Ranch (It was a small nuclear testing site located just to the north of Area 13). After they tested the people that owned the land did not know what was going on so then they tried to sue them.

When people get there they don't think that it all protected as people think it is until it too late, the base is hidden will that you can't even see when you're near it or if you on a high peak near the base, the only why to see the base is up in the air or up in space. A lot of people assume that there are aliens or some kinds of weird government experiments going on there, and there is some names for Area 51 like “Groom Lake” or “Homey Airport” “Nevada Test and Training Range”. Let’s talk more about the security, well It's protected by little more than a chain link fence, a boom gate, and intimidating trespassing signs. One would think that America's much mythicized top secret military base would be under closer guard, but make no mistake. They are watching. Now the inside security, there are cameras that see every angle. White pickup truck’s with a tinted windshield peering down on everything below, why nobody knows. It is true is that Area 51 is real and still very active. There may not be aliens are in those fences, but something is going on and only a select few are know what is inside.

Why I believe that there is alins there because there is so much evidence about aliens

What I belive in

yes some people do make fake videos about it but there is some real one and some people claim to be in a UFO and if there is no aliens then why are they so secret, what are they doing in there then?

Many people wonder what the government is doing in Area 51. You may wonder why is this so important to me? Well the answer is simple because shouldn't you know what the government is doing when you are in home? This could inform you about what’s might be happening in the world.

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