Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne grew up in France with a wealthy family during the mid 1800's. His father was a very successful owner of a bank who disproved of Paul's love and appreciation for art. At the age of 22 he left home in pursuit of his art career in Paris. While he was in Paris, he painted many landscapes and began to improve his unique painting style. He applied for a very good art school, but was rejected. This caused him to feel insecure about his artwork. At the time, his style of impressionism/cubism was not what people wanted, and was very unusual and unique. This event setback his career, and he returned to his home to try getting into his father's banking business. Paul returned to Paris where he met the famous artists Monet and Pissaro. During this unstable period of his life, Cezanne painted many dark or death related pieces. In 1872 Cezanne decided to move to Paris where he could be closer to many artists that inspired him. In the 1880's Cezanne's father died, and one of his good friends from the past wrote a book insulting artists like Cezanne. It was at this time that Cezanne really focused on his art and perfecting his style. His work is made of darker colors and he uses thick looking brush strokes that seem to layer the paint. His work seems blurry at times due to the kind of brush strokes he uses.

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