Forest School & Outdoor Learning Hedely park senior class

We have been getting in touch with nature, exploring, enjoying and above all, learning in the great out doors!

Week One

This week we learned about the forest environment, plants, animals, fungi. We built our shelter and enjoyed the space, freedom and joy of the forest.

Exploring the forest with our guides.

Play our video clip to see us in action

Why forest school?

The ‘wild’, and yet controlled, safe environment of Forest School ensures that children taking part naturally learn to assess risk and are encouraged to make sensible and informed decisions about how to deal with unfamiliar and unpredictable situations (such as exploring or climbing trees, using tools to build shelters and dens).

Taking this learning with us, we have a renewed love for being outdoors, and have been using our own outdoor environment at Hedley to study and relax. Leaf rubbing with crayons, to discover their vein and structure patterns.

Just spending time reading and relaxing in the outdoors.

Week Two

This week we learned about fire safety with our guide Shane. We lit our campfire and listened to Shane as he explained how to keep safe around fire.

Foraging for plants, flowers and fruit to make natural dyes & inks.

Foraging for oak gauls to boil for our natural ink
Pounding blackberries to make our red dye
Boiling nettles for our green dye

Mixing the dye with water, we dipped our fabric in the mixture. Check out our finished dyed fabric!

We even made delicious berry juice


We made a swing!

Week Three

Our theme this week was animals and camouflage. We spent time searching for tinder for our fire, and searching for the best hiding spots. In two teams we took turns being predator and prey. Using camouflage and tracks to hide and seek.

Back at camp we made hot chocolate and chatted about all the adventures we had. Forest school is an amazing experience.

Come back soon to see more of our adventures and learning in the forest school and our own school outdoor areas.
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Clair Battle


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