Birmingham Riots By Abi Emmert

Birmingham riots all started because it was illegal to riot in Birmingham Alabama but some group of people wanted to test that law.

The goal of these riots was to show that segregation is horrible and that it need to stop, that both black and white can function in the same place at the same time.

if your like me you think why the heck would you put yourself though so much pain, but it was for their equality! I would put my self though everything to get equality, thats why they did things like sit-ins or the riots. All for equality to feel equal.

In the before this people of color were slaves their lives sucked! Now their chance of equality... taking any chance they'll get.

Every goal has its challenges. These challenges are harder then most... brutality from other humans. Just because of the color of their skin? Pretty much African american people did follow social norms so they where targeted.

After time African americans have gotten to be treated like everyone else but their have been times where they have been killed. some say for no reason and others say for justice but either way its not fair.

It wasn't right then and its not right now. Hoping in the future we will treat people like people not colors.

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