Nanny Career Shiloh Sinclair

A nanny is a person, typically a woman, employed to take care of a kid in his/her own home.
Like every job, a nanny has daily tasks. These tasks consists of things like light house cleaning, cooking, bathing children, transportation, running errands, grocery store pickup, helping with pets, and most importantly care for the child. The kid(s) is always the main priority and must be handled at all times.
Nannies work schedules vary depending on the parent and their work schedule, most nannies average an 8-12 hour day, 5 days a week. Pay averages to about $13.88 per kid per hour.
The work environment is a the house in which the kid(s) is living at. Nannies will either live in with the family or they will have a set time to be there at. During the day, nannies work with the kids and keep them happy but overall, they work with and for the parents.
Issues that could arise while while on nanny duty could be the kid has an allergy that you weren't aware of, they could continually be misbehaving and refusing to listen, you might not be making enough money to keep this as your career, and some nannies are required to be a live in and not be able to go home to their own bed every night.
Nannies have some pretty good benefits, they receive paid time off, paid sick days, health insurance, food, financial bonus', nanny taxes, and you get the chance to form new relationships.
How do Nannies help a family? Nannies help in so many ways, not only do they clean your house and keep your kid safe all day but they are convenient. A long time nanny is another adult in your kids life that they can turn to for help in a time of need.
There is no specific education requirement to be a nanny. Most parents hiring nannies like to see a CPR & First Aid certification and its also looks very good to have an associates degree or specialized certification in early childcare.
Some work skills that would be beneficial to Nanny Life would be bilingual, previous child care experience, and how to love a kid!


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