The Saints by dylan stafford

Leo IX- He was declared a saint by the Church, and his feast day is April 19. He served from February 12, 1049, until his death on April 19, 1054. He was declared a saint by the Church, and his feast day is April 19.

Above is Leo IX

Saint Dominic - Born in old Castile, Spain. He was trained for priesthood by his priest uncle. He studied the arts and theology, and became a canon of the cathedral at Osma, where there was an attempt to revive the apostolic common life described in the Acts of the Apostles.

Saint Assisi- Devoted to Christianity after reportedly hearing the voice of god. St. Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury for a life. God wanted him to rebuild a church and and live in poverty.


Created with images by J Labrador - "Corinthian columns" • moedermens - "Saint Leo IX" • Jorge Lascar - "Hagia Sophia" • Jorge Lascar - "The 30.6m ⌀ dome and the chandeliers with Islamic patterns - Hagia Sophia" • dbking - "Albert Pike" • Catedrales e Iglesias - "Sagrario Metropolitano "Las Monjas" Ex Convento de Santa Catalina de Siena,Morelia,Estado de Michoacán,México" • Provenance Online Project - "Woodcut of St. Dominic" • avilasal - "St Dominics Bologna" • yeowatzup - "St Dominic Church, Macau" • HockeyholicAZ - "St. Francis of Assisi" • LisaRedfern - "saint francis of assisi saint statue" • J Labrador - "Corinthian columns" • sammydavisdog - "statue of st francis of assisi"

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