An Artwork with a Story Featuring ADMU's propagandistic artworks

The first time to visit the museum to take a look at different kinds of artworks is something like expecting something significant with them. Every time we look at an artwork, we might ask, "What's in it for me?", or "What is its message?", or perhaps, "What does it want to tell me?" The artworks may give a concrete answer, or sometimes it may give us an indirect answer, giving us hints on what it wants to tell us. Regardless which an artwork may fall between these categories, we can conclude that arts is very important for us as human beings.

This picture caught my attention. It scared me a little bit because of the characters involved in the scenario. The artwork shows a violent man holding another man at gunpoint. With some other surrounding events within the picture, it wants to portray a message about the current happenings in the society that there are bad people messing around with others. This is something that reminds me of a preacher who mentioned that evil days will come. This artwork is very significant because this really happens right now. Perhaps, the author came up with this kind of artwork as a result of a serious observation on what is happening in the society.

This picture greatly caught my attention. This is very significant that it tells a lot. It shows a person with a barbed wire wrapped around the mouth and it also shows that she holds her hand. The artwork is very propagandistic that it is lamenting about a right of a person being restricted. It will touch many people's lives since it is being experienced by many. Sometimes, we experience that our rights are being abused but because of this kind of artwork, many will have the guts to move forward. The artwork was made intelligently that the character involved was greatly emphasized to spread the message that we need to fight for our rights.

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