My World Sandeep

I've always thought about my future but never really confirmed what I really wanted to be or what college to go to. Maybe I could be a race car driver.

This is the famous F1 car, McLaren Mercedes Vodafone 1

My favorite type of car racing is Formula 1 car racing. Formula 1 cars can move 2 times faster than the fastest cars in the world. Formula 1 cars have massive engines and make a loud noise, a cool noise. The photo above is my favorite Formula 1 car ever, it looks so cool and so powerful. If I were to be a race car driver, I would be a Formula 1 driver.

Or I could be a film maker on youtube, because i've always loved making videos about life.

Or maybe even making a completely clear indestructible glass phone that actually works and never needs charging.

This is a photo of the concept phone that a samsung team for Norway was planning to make I thought it was really cool

Even though I haven't completely made up my mind, All of that is something that I can worry about in the future, but for know I'm going to enjoy what I have always wanted to got to awesome college like,

This is the harvard logo, it's a combination of a shield, wreath, scroll and 3 tablets

Harvard, my favorite college that i've always wanted to go to , its so fancy and elegant just take a look at the main building. I don't think that I would be able to make there.

Though I still have many options, I have a lot of time before I have to make my decision for the future. For now, I'm going to stick to what I already have, my family. About my family anyway, I have my sister, mom and dad pretty basic family. There all very interesting though. Next is my dad, he's pretty innovative. I get most of my crazy but awesome ideas. My dad is really cool.

This is Karnataka, the district in which my dad was born

This is my dad, his name is Madhu and he was born in Karnataka a district in India. My dad can speak 2 languages Kannada and English. My dad earned his degree in computer science and now works as a software developer. One of the things that my dad likes to do is waking. He likes to just you know walk around and I do too, he finds it relaxing. Another thing my dad likes to do is watch movies and listen to music at night. He also likes to mess around with stuff, or inventing as you must. I get my love of inventing and messing around with things from him. It's what bonds me and my dad together, creating cool stuff. My dad likes to sleep but he doesn't care if he is woken up. My dad is really cool and really nice I'm glad he's apart of my family.

Now lets move on to my mom, she does a lot of work just like my dad and she does some pretty interesting things too.

This where my mom was born in, Tamil Nadu

This is my mom, her name is Sudha. My mom is from a district in India called Tamil Nadu but she then moved to another called Karnataka. Hence, she can speak 3 languages, Tamil, Kannada, and English. I've never really understood them both. One of the things my mom likes to do is cook and she's really good at it unlike my lazy sister. My mom is always trying her hand at making spicy exotic foods that are way to spicy for me. She also likes playing the game Candy Crush Soda and she is really good at it. She also loves to take naps but if you disturb her, she's going to yell. My mom can get a little angry now and then but she is my mom.

Technically I would put my sister next if I was going in order, but she wouldn't let me take a photo of her. So its time to move on to me.

This is a pile of Legos to represent my love of Legos too bad I couldn't get a picture of my Lego creations

This is me, my name is Sandeep and I was born here in Columbus, Ohio 2005. One of my favorite things to do is build and create stuff using Legos or just household object, in the end I just end up failing. When I fail though I learn how to improve. Like the time when I put a motor on my skateboard, I had notice the motor was skidding on the road. I fixed by moving the motor closer to the board. Anyway, I'll talk about some of my interests later. Another one of my hobbies is playing videogames like my favorite one Forza6 because I love sports cars. I like sports cars because they look so cool and so powerful. I wish that one day I can get the chance to drive one. The only other thing that could equal my love of sports cars is airplanes. That's right airplanes. The only reason I put a picture of an airplane as my cover, is because I'm addicted to them. The cover of my spark is not just any airplane it's my favorite airplane. The Airbus A350-1000 XWB. I don't really know exactly why I like this exact plane, maybe because it has a cool engine start up. If you ask me any question about airplanes, I will know the answer to it. Mostly because I'm nerd on airplanes who waists his time watching documentaries about airplanes, this coming from my sister. That's almost everything about me.

This is my favorite supercar, the McLaren P1

Here is a video about some of my interests and hobbies.

Now it's time to move on to my sister, even though I don't really have a picture of her.

My sister's name is Sapna. She was also born in Columbus, Ohio but in 2001. My sister's favorite thing to do is either singing, dancing or both together. My sister even uses singing a s an excuse to yell in my years and dancing to stamp on my feet. Anyway about my sister, she likes to cook just like my mom, but Sapna's food is pretty questionable. She is really good at videogames too, I can barely even beat her at any videogame. I think that she rigged all the games though. My sister literally hates all most everything that I like airplanes and cars. One other thing about my sister is that she is obsessed with social media like Snapchat and Instagram. She is always on her phone 24/7 posting random stuff about everyone. The only thing she ever posts on Snapchat and Instagram is her terrible singing dancing or pictures of me that annoy me. How does she even have any followers at all. Know that I think about, I think my sister's favorite hobby is irritating me. I can totally see that. Though in some ways it can be funny.

To sum up my presentation, I'm going to talk about my cultural background

This is a symbol in our religion called "AUM" it is a sound and very important

My background mainly comes from India, because my parents were from India and so were their parents too. The religion we follow is Hinduism which revolves around many gods and we are mainly vegans. In India people eat a lot of spicy foods and that's and exactly what my mom cooks at home. She gets most of her recipes from her mom. India may be far away but we never stop living in it. Most of the food we eat contains a mixture of rice vegetables and curry. We still do eat American food too though. At home we still have a lot of influences from our culture like the languages we speak at home. At our house, we speak a total of 3 languages, Kannada, Tamil, and English. Mainly English which is good because that's probably the only one out of the 3 that I actually understand. That is actually really all that I know about my cultural heritage but I'm still very curious about it.

This is Sandeep signing out and This is My World

My World


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