On To Something BIG! Students, Jesus, Leadership

We are all skyscrapers in the making, incomplete we may be, but skyscrapers none the less.

O-week table

The year kicked off with a bang as our student committee members got ready for Orientation week. Orientation week is a time to get word about our Every Nation Campus-Wits society out to new and old students and also to allow students to become a part of the society. I truly believe we are on to something big on our campus, and anyone who comes in contact with our student leaders gets a taste of it.

Imagine if the future leaders of the world went on a retreat to realign themselves with the greater vision for their existence, and to have a little fun. Ever wonder how that would look??

ENC Leadership Camp 2017

True to our calling, we equipped our students to engage other students with the Gospel as well as simply share their faith with others. It was great because when our United States family came on a mission to our campus, we saw our students join in the mission, unashamed of sharing with their peers.

Debrief of the day with mission team from America

Prayer Requests:

  • That we continue to make a lasting mark on our campus;
  • We have been struggling with booking venues, so please pray that as we continue to work with integrity, hearts may be moved to do the right thing;
  • Pray for more students to be prepared for receiving the Gospel and for them to be reached with it;
  • That our students be bold and continue to change the campus with both small and big actions.

Personal 2cents

Ministry so far has been so hard but the person I am becoming is so beautiful. The gospel has been further moved from the shelf and applied more in my life. My dream has always been to be a 'skyscraper', something that makes people stop crane their necks and look up, but I saw my self as much smaller. God through this internship has been opening my eyes to how I am a skyscraper, incomplete, maybe not decorated yet but a skyscraper none the less because that is what is on the plans.

Graduation 2017

By: Luyanda Cele

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Luyanda Cele

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