International Women's Day 2018 #IWD2018

Each year with the arrival of International Women's Day, Fintrac celebrates women and their contribution to agriculture around the world.

Our exceptional staff is dedicated to integrating women into all program activities to the benefit of the whole family. We have seen results that have transformed businesses and lives.

Fintrac’s active programs have worked with more than 446,200 women farmers and entrepreneurs to improve lives in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

We address key constraints to women’s participation in agriculture through five building blocks: technical knowledge, productive resources, time, income control, and leadership opportunities.

Technical Knowledge

In 2017, we trained more than 90,000 women in basic production and improved postharvest handling practices.

Additionally, 381,120 women applied new technologies across all our projects. These technologies, including improved seed, fertilization, and soil fertility management, save farmers time and improve productivity.

Productive Resources

Fintrac linked women to $12.8 million in credit for investments in their farms and businesses, allowing them to expand their operations and generate new revenue.


With access to new technologies and financial services, women can free up valuable time by working more efficiently, allowing them to care for their loved ones while also focusing on income-generating activities. Our female clients have formed cooperatives, started their own businesses, and helped train their neighbors and family members.


Fintrac linked women farmers and women-owned agribusinesses to reliable, lucrative markets for their products, resulting in $186.3 million in sales generated by women in 2017.


We strive to create enabling environments that allow, and welcome, women to become key players in the ag sector. We promote their participation at all points along the value chain. In Zimbabwe, more than half of our female beneficiaries held leadership positions within partner organizations.

This year, Fintrac’s focus on gender integration provided hundreds of thousands of women with new technical knowledge in production, postharvest, and business. Female farmers saved countless hours by adopting Fintrac technology packages and increased their yields as a result. They accessed credit and inputs, some of them for the first time, that they were able to invest in their businesses to initiate and expand operations. Empowered with knowledge and access, our female clients are poised to transform the agriculture sector.

Fintrac’s approach to gender integration focuses on farming as a business for the whole family and ensures women’s involvement in all levels of the agricultural value chain. By incorporating this methodology in our day-to-day interaction with project clients, we promote sustainable results that leave real impact in rural communities.


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