Chapter 11 Spark Page By Brandon Janosko

The Cell Cycle is system or the series of events that lead up to a Cell being divided into its DNA into two daughter cells.

Interphase is the time period between the first and second divisions of meiosis. At this time period the cell roughly doubles in size.

The first stage of cell division. During this stage the chromosomes first start looking like two strands. They begin to separate.

Metaphase is the second stage of cell division. The chromosomes begin to become attached to the spindle fibers.

Anaphase is the part of cell division when the two strands of DNA finally separate from one another and go to opposite sides of the cell.

Telophase is the final phase of cell division and this is when the two strands go to opposite sides of the cell and create two new nuclei.

Telomeres are the ends of the DNA which protect the chromosomes from deterioration.

A disease that can be described as when cells grow uncontrollably by not following the rules of cell division

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