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Who is Madam CJ Walker?

Madam CJ Walker (Sarah Breedlove) was an African American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a political and social activist. She was born on December 23, 1867 in Delta, LA and died May 25, 1919 in Irvington, NY. Her parents were both freed slaves who previously worked on a cotton plantation. Their names were Owen and Minerva Breedlove. They died of yellow fever when Sarah was only six years old. Since she was young she was very poor and had little opportunity to get an education. For eighteen years, Sarah worked as a laundress and had many other domestic positions.

Madam CJ Walker 1867

About The Business...

Sarah dealt with hair loss in her late thirties due to stress and damaging hair products. She thought to take it upon herself and try out different home remedies in order to grow her hair back. Sarah claims that after praying for her hair to grow back, the formula came to her in a dream. It caused all of it to grow back very quickly and inspired her to share her creation with her friends and family. Sarah began to advertise and sell her homemade hair products with help from her family and second husband (Charles Joseph Walker). She took on his name and called herself Madam CJ Walker. Her earnings were ten dollars a day with the small business and when her husband disagreed about expanding, they separated. Madam CJ Walker went around demonstrating her products, recruiting sales people, and encouraging African American entrepreneurs. She used many marketing strategies and held annual conventions with agents who would receive cash awards if they were the most successful in promoting sales.

Inventions of Madam CJ Walker

What Would I Ask Her?

I would ask Madam CJ Walker how it felt knowing that she started a business from scratch. I would like to know what inspired her to stop listening to "professionals" and start listening to herself which ended in a major success.

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