Anesi Ozmon Career Awareness Day 2017 Career Awareness Program | Companies that Care

July 19, 2017, Anesi Ozmon partnered with the Career Awareness Program at Companies that Care to host a group of Chicago Public School students participating in a career awareness program. The program exposes students to a diverse range of careers and industries during a three week period of the summer. The students visiting Anesi Ozmon all expressed an interest in law careers, and had also visited the Public Defender's Office and the Chicago law offices of Kirkland and Ellis.

This type of program has great meaning to Anesi Ozmon. Many of our partners, including myself, began here when we were still in law school. We understand the impact that mentoring can have on young adults, and we appreciate the opportunity to share our firm's history and values with this wonderful group of students. - Mark Novak, President/Managing Partner Anesi Ozmon
Mark Novak, President/Managing Partner at Anesi Ozmon addresses students.

Mark Novak, President/Managing Partner began the program by welcoming the students and sharing Anesi Ozmon's history, mission, and values. Partner Michael Teich explained the differences between civil and criminal law and the function and importance of the civil justice system.

Anesi Ozmon Partner Michael Teich during visit day.

Students headed outside to enjoy the view from the patio and Anesi Ozmon Partner Michael Teich continued the program by explaining what a typical day looked like for an attorney at the firm. He also shared the story of his own career path, and reviewed and explained the two main focuses of the firm's work: workers compensation and personal injury law.

The students headed back to the office where they took part in a hands-on exercise exploring a car accident case involving a teenage driver and a 92-year-old pedestrian. The students divided into sides (plaintiff v. defense) then went through a discovery process, asking questions and developing theories and arguments to support their sides. A robust discussion ensued.

This was an impressive group of students. They actively participated, asked great questions, and really showed off their critical thinking skills during the hands-on case exploration. It was a great opportunity for us to share our passion for the law and our own career paths with the next generation of bright and engaged students - Anesi Ozmon Partner Michael Teich.

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