Christopher Columubus Admiral Of The Ocean Sea

Christopher Columbus was born in Geona,Italy 1451 he and his younger brother Bartemelo loved to go down to the Mediterranean Sea at there age of five and six.There Father was a wool weaver for the city and there Mother bright the wool to the city.Christopher Columbus went on a boat as a cabin boy.

Early Life

Christopher went to see the Queen of Spain and she sent him on a voyage with three boats nut along the way his biggest ship the Santa MarĂ­a sunk so the headed home.Again the Queen sent him on another voyage and this time he got very sick and there was a battle.So after the battle they headed home.but again the Queen sent on another voyage and the island he found he left his brothers in charge.But when he got back he and his brothers were arrested and sent back to Spain in chains.

On way to becoming Famous

When they got back to Spain the King and Queen Agreed to send Columbus on another voyage and when they got to the island Columbus turned around and when he got back to Spain the Queen had died and two years later Christopher Columbus died.

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