HABITAT: Dolphins live all over the world. They like cold waters, warm waters, and even in tropic waters. But the dolphins prefer warmer water to relax in. People find dolphins in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean but they are not found in the Arctic ocean because of how cold the water temperature is.

COMMUNICATION: Just like other mammals, dolphins have a unique way of communicating. Every dolphin has there own signature whistle. Most dolphins recognize each other’s whistle so that they know when another dolphin is nearby. But since dolphins don’t have the ability to smell they get around with communication.

DIET: Dolphins mostly eat different kinds of fish and squid depending on where they live in the ocean. Because of the dolphins cone shaped teeth they are able to catch fish easier and quicker. But unlike us dolphins teeth are not used for chewing because they can swallow their food whole.


Created with images by L. Richard Martin, Jr. - "Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat" • jurvetson - "Sea Party"

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