beautiful Dream Love

A Love Song For

by Raju mahawar

This one's for you Miss anna!

My love for you is like the most beautiful dream,

Your face reminds me of smelly butterflies,

Together, we are like burger and ketchup.

Oh darling ,

My beautiful dream,

My smelly sexy,

The perfect companion to my burger soul.

Roses are red,

Skies are blue,

I like puppies,

But not as much as I love singing with you!

Oh darling ,

Your lips are like desparate pens on a winter day,

You're like the most attractive guitarist to ever walk california.

Your smelly butterflie face,

Your ketchup soul,

Your desparate lips,

Your attractive guitarist being...

How could I look at another when our beautiful dream love is so strong?

I love you Miss anna!



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