HCAT Approach to Assessment Information for parents and carers

The HCAT system is used to monitor, track and target set for attainment and progress through school.

In reading, writing and maths children are assessed against an age-related criteria developed in line with the National Curriculum. The age-related criteria (HCAT Trackers) allow teachers to assess how many statements children have achieved within their curriculum, alongside assessment data, a professional judgement is then made by the class teacher.
This standardised and regular assessment approach enables us to successfully meet the needs of all learners and therefore provide a level of challenge that is stimulating for all pupils.

What does this look like?

An Expected child’s journey through HCAT levels:

Children working at the Age-Related expectation are expected to be working within their curriculum year and should be a developing standard by the end of the year. i.e. a year 4 pupil should be a 4d at the end of Y4.

How will this be reported to you?

Teachers will report assessments at parent evenings in autumn and spring terms, and through a full annual report in the summer term. There will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and attainment. In addition, if you have any specific questions about assessment at any point in the year, please feel free to contact your child’s class teacher.
In line with Government policy, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our pupils by providing purposeful contexts which engage our children. It is rich, varied, imaginative and ambitious and meets the needs of individual learners but can easily be adapted for pupils with additional needs. Children are expected to deepen and master their knowledge as opposed to quickly moving through levels.

What are our expectations for progress and attainment?

Pupils are expected to be working within their curriculum year and with a view to be developing (d) by the end of the year.
Pupils who are not on track to achieve age related expectation within their year group will be identified, with appropriate support provided to ensure they narrow the gap with their peers.

Inclusion, SEND and more able pupils

We are committed to inclusion and ensuring that all pupils fulfil their potential. For pupils identified with SEND and vulnerable groups, personalised curriculum plans, SEND support plans and P levels are used in school to help monitor and track smaller steps in learning.
More able pupils will be challenged to master their curriculum year in depth for all subjects.