The 1920's A time of great change

The roaring twenties were a time of great change and innovation. Social circumstances changed as more women worked outside of their homes. Several women didn't want to sacrifice wartime gains. There was a great production of cars and vehicles which made it easier to travel and movie industries increased. Pounds changed to dollars, corporate businesses excelled, 1920 farmers decreased because of the federal government and many people were coming in with different sets of skills that greatly helped our country. Radio stations were getting news out there and women were allowed to express themselves more. The great migration took place and African Americans saw an opportunity to move up north.

The 20's were a time of great change for many reasons. One being women suffrage. In the 1920's the 19th amendment came into play so women were finally allowed to vote. Also since most of the men had to go to war to fight, a lot of women started to work outside of their homes, which changed social circumstances drastically. There were also several job/profession opportunities and many decided to go to college. The picture below is a good example of a representation of the leaps that occurred during women's suffrage

Another example of the 1920's being a time of great change and innovation would be the great production of cars thanks to Henry Ford. In 1913, Ford made the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an automobile. He was able to reduce the time it took to build the Ford model. Henry installed moving lines for bits and pieces of the manufacturing process. The workers had multiple jobs. One helped with the engine and the transmission being able to build the car faster and they were able to make a whole lot more. The prices of the fords were lowered so that way people were actually able to afford them. The demand was lower because the supply was rising.

Assembly line in Ford factory

Many people considered the 1920's a time of change greatly because it was also referred to as "flowering of African American culture." It influenced white culture overtime. It started with the Great Migration. During this time African Americans were running and getting elected to Public office. African Americans saw a lot of opportunity. Which is why they started moving up north. Another reason they started moving was because of the booming wartime industries during WW1. Blacks began to form a distinct black culture because when they moved there was less segregation, less racism and less discrimination.


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