-River Heights Intermediate- Associated Student Body Apply to join us for 2020-2021 school year during Spring 2020!

ASB table at 6th grade visits to River Heights.

Welcome to the River Heights Intermediate Associated Student Body (ASB) page. This page should give you an idea about what our school leadership club does and why you may want to apply to join us! The associated student body is a student led club that also has a class within the school day. If you apply and are accepted into ASB you would be in the ASB leadership class which becomes one of your two electives. This class occurs during the 5th period of the day. ASB leaders currently have first lunch and then come to the ASB room for class. Sometimes, due to events on campus, etc. we may switch lunches and or be out at the lunch area during both lunches. Speaking of events, ASB manages/ assists with many things on campus: school dances, annual talent show, sixth grade visits, fundraising and sales, just to name a few.

Leadership visiting ERHS pep rally.
ASB Officers conducting a weekly meeting on the fly before hosting another event.

Though we know how to put on a great event, an ASB student leader's main job is to learn to oversee and manage the spending of student money on campus. We have a weekly business meeting to review campus-wide student club expenditures, fundraising, events, etc. ASB will review the forms and requests being submitted, discuss, and vote to approve or deny them. We follow Robert's Rules of Order when we conduct our meetings. There are yearly audits conducted by our district business office and some years even the state board of education sends auditors in to review our practices as well. We begin the year with interim officers and host a school wide election day after potential officers have had time to campaign (1.e. posters around campus, speaking at lunchtimes, on the Colts News and or on the morning announcements).

ASB CAN BE A LOT OF FUN! If the student leaders fundraise and plan ahead the class can get to attend various opportunities for growth.We host various events and go on some awesome field trips. Typically ASB will attend a CADA Leadership Development Days training and a Disney Youth Education Series Leadership Training. These are full day field trips. (It is the student leaders responsibility to make up work that will be missed). Or we may take a free, walking field trip over to our neighbors at Eleanor Roosevelt High School to enjoy a high school pep rally or join in a guest speaker experience.

CADA Leadership Development Days Training
ASB moments in time.
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