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I think that Everest is not worth the risk because if you die, then you will lose a lot of your money. It will not be worth losing all of your money. Many many people die on Everest and is never able to reach the summit. It could also be worth it at the same time because if you make it the the summit, you have reached tallest point on earth. You can also brag that you climbed the tallest mountain on earth as well.

A person who died while trying to climb Everest.
A person who made it to the summit of Everest.

I think that globalization makes our world stronger. I think this because we are helping others that need help and making the world's people stronger. It will help companies earn more money so that they can make the product of what they are making. It helps people find jobs for the ones who don't have one. It also helps sell out the country's resources to make more money. It raises money for the country. The money can help raise more supplies for the products that the company or country makes.

Cotton puffs that may be useful for other things.
Companies that are working to make clothing, shoes, and many many others.
People who are united as one.

Country Profile

Current Events

Bucket List


How might having a valuable resource affect a region? Having a valuable resource in a region can be effective in many ways. Some other countries can try to get that region’s resources. The fields were on fire in Kuwait because Iraq took oil and burned them on the fields. There was a war that went on with Iraq and Kuwait back then in 1991. Iraq had invaded Kuwait and was hoping to take over its oil reserves. Finding oil can raise the country's money but then is split differently. Country’s come in different sizes in Southwest Asia. Many countries is Southwest Asia have oil because that part of Asia used to be an ocean. If the people find oil in their region and sell it, that country will get a lot of money and split the money to the amount of people who work to find oil. If it is a small country like Kuwait, those people individually will have more money that the bigger countries. Bigger countries will have a lot of money but each individual will have a smaller amount of money that what the small country people do. There are many ways that valuable resources can affect a region. Many regions in Southwest Asia find oil and distribute to countries like ours. Today, we use oil for mechanics such as phones, computers, i pads, and etc. It is also used to run motors like cars, trucks, and much more. If we keep using oil, then oil will become a non-renewable resource and will have to use renewable resources.

Fields burning from oil.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region? The people living in desert regions adapt to living there in a few ways. They are able to live by what they have and others adapt by living with what is around them. The nomadic Tuareg have adapted to the Sahara with what they have. Tuareg nomads live in family groups less than 100 people in a group. They wear long loose clothing to protect themselves from the burning sun. They are alway ready to move no matter what. It takes a Tuareg family only two hours to take down their tent in which they live in and to pack up all of their belongings. Many people have adapted the Sahara and know how to survive with the resources around them. The Sahara has about 90 large oasis and people use them to survive. For travelers, no sight will be more welcoming than a sight of a palm tree. These palm trees are called date palms. Many oasis settlements are small which is fewer than 2000 people and in the largest oasis, there may be even thousands of palm dates. There may be others different ways too how people are able to adapt to the Sahara and Sahel region. Many survive in different ways.

People in the desert.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations? There are many forces that work and go against supranational cooperation among nations. Members of the EU together toward shared economic goals. Many centripetal forces promote such economic cooperation. There are other centrifugal forces that work against it. Forces such as not having to change money when you cross borders and being able to travel freely to another EU countries to find jobs and being able to cross the borders are centripetal forces. Having to give in money to a different part other country and not all people being able to adopt a common currency are centrifugal forces. There is a supranational government meaning that it works above the governments of the EU countries. The EU government can unite Europe by taking a common approach to environmental problems. How that EU government can divide Europe is that some countries won't want to give up their power to other countries. The EU has a common European cultural identity and at the same time realizes the diversity of its members. The EU promotes a European cultural force by celebrating a Europe Day. Forces working against a European cultural identity is when people have to translate speeches into twenty different languages. The EU has rights and wrongs from different people and many reasons why.

People together.

What makes a good citizen? Good citizens would be responsible, have rights, and follows the law. Good citizens have responsibilities for a lot of things like keeping the earth clean and healthy and cleaning up after yourselves. It is also the law to keep the earth clean. People have the right to go against things if they felt or needed that it needed to happen. Good citizens have the right for voting for presidents they would like to elect. The citizens would also have to obey the law or else then they could be caught in jail, get fines, or get serious punishments. Some citizens would even help a person carry things even if they don't know each other. Polite citizens would say thank you to a person holding a door or after helping them with something.

A citizen throwing away trash instead of littering.

What is government and why is it necessary? Government is necessary because without it we wouldn't have people to uphold the rule of law, protect us from our enemies, to protect the rights of minorities, and helps to stabilize our society. One of the reasons why government is necessary is because they give rights to its people. Rights our government provides include voting, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and right to own weapons. Government can help its citizens by providing health care, education, and roads. Governments are needed because they provide important needs for the country and their citizens.

People helping each other. Working as a team.

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