An Easter Message from MNA Telling others of the risen christ

I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures…. (Corinthians 15:3-4)

Blessed Easter! Easter means the world to us, doesn’t it? As Easter people, we are born again to living hope (I Peter 1:3), gospel confidence that all God’s promises are real and true and ours, because Jesus Christ is, in fact, risen from the dead. Our issues of first importance, the central facts of history, are these: Christ has died, been buried, and bodily risen to life again on the third day, all according to the promises of Scripture. Because of Easter, our faith and life itself are not in vain. We live as Easter people, confident of forgiveness and life in the Risen Christ, cultivating hope in the face of sadness and doubt. We are motivated to mission, even as the first Christians were, by Easter, compelled by Christ’s resurrection to live and share the gospel. And we can endure because of Easter, knowing that our lives and labors are not in vain, for Jesus is already beginning to make all things new in and through us.

At Mission to North America, it is our privilege to celebrate the good news of Easter with you and to urge the church to continue to step forward in our mission with Jesus in the certainty and power of his resurrection.

This Easter season, I write to share with you how the Risen Christ is using MNA and to ask for your ongoing prayers and financial support for his work through MNA.

Mission to North America exists to celebrate the gospel of Jesus in the United States and Canada by coming alongside the local and regional church in church planting, missional partnerships and church renewal. In 2017, Christ graciously allowed the PCA to place more than 50 new church planters to the field in North America! We praise God for this, as these plants are beautiful new seeds of resurrection sown. This number represents a strong commitment of the PCA to church planting. For more than 15 years, the PCA has seen, on average, a church planter begin a new work every week. We are praying and laboring for an even greater number of new churches launched here in 2018, as continued efforts are underway to build on our growth through the development of new church planter recruitment and training programs throughout North America, particularly among minority groups and in demographic spaces currently underserved by the PCA.

Our prayer goal is for 60 new mission churches to begin in 2018. Will you join us in this prayer? Will you give to help us move toward this goal?
MNA Church Planter Training is offered twice a year to provide new PCA church planters with practical tools to support their efforts.
LAMP graduates and instructors. LAMP provides a way for men to be receive a seminary education while still working.

The meta-questions of our time seem not to be so much “What is true?” or “What is authentic?” but rather “What works?” and “What makes a difference in our world?” MNA’ Missional Partnerships become crucial in this sort of cultural moment. MNA seeks to come alongside the church in answering these questions, which both world and church may be asking, through our missional initiatives in word and deed:

PCA Chaplain leads a funeral service.

MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministries share emerging best practices in serving immigrants, and to provide information, encouragement, and referrals to resources for those exploring these new avenues of ministry.

ESL Schools are a wonderful way to reach the nations at your doorstep.

MNA Disaster Response continues relief operations in areas affected by hurricanes in 2017.

Ministry to State hosts prayer breakfasts and other forums for Federal government staff to fellowship.

MNA SecondCareer matches skilled volunteers with opportunities to work with PCA church planters and organizations. MNA ShortTerm facilitates group mission projects.

Metanoia is the Greek word for Repentance. MNA Metanoia Prison Ministries encourages and disciples inmates turning from a life of sin to a life that is lived for the glory of God.

Engaging Disability seeks to authentically integrate people with differing abilities into the life and mission of the PCA.

  • Where is the church when there is great physical and spiritual need after a disaster? (Disaster Response)
  • Where is the church for the alien and stranger among us? (ESL; Refugee & Immigrant Ministries)
  • Where is the church when there is radical injustice, inequity and tension on display? (Urban & Mercy Ministries)
  • Where is the church for those serving in our military, police forces and as first responders, and for their families? (Chaplain Ministries)
  • Where is the church for those in prison and their families? (Metanoia Prison Ministries)
  • Where is the church for those with disabilities and their families? (Engaging Disabilities)
  • How is the church expressing care and a prophetic voice in our centers of government? (Ministry to State)
  • How I can use my gifts, skills and experiences to make a difference? (MNA SecondCareer)
Will you join us in praying for and supporting these MNA missional partnerships? If you haven’t already, would you consider connecting with one of these avenues of ministry -- personally or with your congregation?

Easter means that Jesus is making all things new. MNA seeks to provide a leading edge within the PCA to encourage gospel renewal as a way of life among our members, congregations, presbyteries and the entire denomination. This is a newly defined point of emphasis for MNA, a new third major arm of ministry for us, working in partnership with the other agencies of the PCA. In the pursuit of church renewal, MNA seeks to host prayer summits/gatherings for the renewing and reviving of the church; to connect for collaboration and synergistic effort the key leaders and groups who are active in pursuing church renewal within the PCA; to offer resources, such as materials, conferences, coaching, cohort groups, on church renewal. Please pray for us, as we begin these new efforts in church renewal.

In all these avenues of ministry, we are begging Jesus to give us greater gospel diversity among the people we are serving and in the leadership moving us forward in our mission. The PCA Unity Fund, a new initiative under MNA, provides funds for minority candidates for gospel ministry and for other non-ordained positions of service in the church to receive theological education and ministerial opportunity in local congregations. You can learn more about the Unity Fund here: pcamna.org/unity-fund/.


Thank you for sharing Easter joy and mission with us at MNA! It is our privilege to serve alongside you for the sake of the gospel.

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