Logging into Your Destiny How to be responsible by tracking your school checkouts & Fines

Here are the login steps at-a-glance:

Hover mouse/cursor over fine reason icons for more information.

Legend for understanding Destiny fine Codes:

  • TB: Overdue textbook. Return textbook to your classroom teacher & fine will be removed. If lost, pay at Finance.
  • RM: Chromebook-related repair/replacement fee. Pay at Finance. Get fine details at Library.
  • LM:┬áLibrary material cost for overdue/lost item. Return or renew item to remove fine. See Librarian.
  • Lost Equipment/Item, Missing Item: Usually for athletics, music, etc. Get fine details and pay at Finance.

Need more help? Please contact staff on campus - we are here for you! If you are not sure where to start, visit the Front Office Receptionist in-person or call (619) 956-0400 during school hours.

Learn How & Why You Should Log Into Destiny...

Questions? Visit the West Hills Library!

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