Tremendous' Weekly Content Review 02-21 -- 02-27

New week new content! And this week is just as spectacular as the previous ones. Well, its actually better because its all new! So if you're worried you missed something worry no longer! This review will ensure you get very bit of sweet, sweet Content juice from this week. You're welcome!


2DSick starts us off with some great content this week! First up is his time lapse paint / assembly of Rotten Factory's WotDG Hellscreamer! (I loved this!) There's another time lapsed video showing his speed painting of AoW's Wasteland warriors! Click the button to see 2DSick's original article.

2DSick also brings us an excellent article and video where he dispels some of the stigmata (His word) of Mantic's Goblins.

Finally, (I know, the man is a machine) 2DSick brings us an epic unboxing Mantic's Trolls. Gotta love this guy!

Green Dragon!

Green Dragon Gaming is up next with a Bunch of great Battle Report videos! The reports are prep for a 6k tournament and are VERY good!

Green Dragon also brings us a new episode of "Dragon Talk" this week! In it they go over many of the core aspects of 9th Age and the insight gained from these guys is excellent!

And then Green Dragon brings us Game 1 of the Battle Cry Tournament he attended. No spoilers, just an awesome start to the tournament!

Mittierim brings us Episodes 10 & 11 of his EPIC Founding of Nevaz Berrag battle reports! I live for these storylines!

Blonde Beer

The big man, BLONDE BEER! (The Orange Road) is up next with his massive content! This week we get a response video to Warhammer Weekly's TotW, a solid chat about an upcoming team tournament he is attending, & then a video about why Blonde Beer likes to set things on fire. It's excellent stuff! (As usual)

Genephelps of Wargaming from the Balcony is up next and this week the guys bring us more amazing content! First, we get a battle report with the O&G taking on the Dread Elves, A response video about Toxic players, and then a great review of the Sylvan Elf Army Book! Take the time to thank these guys!

Godbold of Fantasy Wargaming podcast delivers another action packed episode this week! In it the talk about their hobby plans as well as the great time they had at the Cardiff Team Tournament they attended! Once again, this is an excellent podcast!

HLT1984 hits us up with a progress report on his Wasteland Dragon conversion. I must say its coming along beautifully!

Dark Wizard Gaming brings us another one of their Professional and super entertaining Battle Reports. This week the Saurian Ancients take on the Demon Legion and its a battle for the ages! Check it out!

Exol is up next and this week he brings us Game 5 of the Norwegian Championship Tournament 2017! Hell of a finish!

There is no Spoon brings us a hell of an article this week where he drops a bomb that was felt the world over. HUGE news about the WotDG's and how the FULL AB will be laid out once its released. I DEVOURED this article!

Skargitcrookfang is up next and brings us an in-depth review of the Demon Legion Army book! It's very well done and offers some interesting perspective on the book as a whole. A very enjoyable review!

The Epic loud one himself is up next! Chihammer (Warboss Tooth) brings us Game 2 & 3 (No you didn't miss game one... watch the video to understand) of DA' GAUNTLET tournament that he ran this year! Looked like a ton of fun and I wish I had been there. Check them out!

Petterwass is back this week and brings us another great review on Minotaurs! Hungry Troll & Mierce to be precise! As usual, the review is excellent and the models stunning! Do no miss this article!

I'm up next and bring you a couple new videos for your T9A viewing enjoyment. First is Game #3 of the Baton Rouge Tournament I went to. Then I bring you Episode 4 of SQUARE TABLE. In it, Chihammer and Blonde Beer join me for a 2 hour chat where we go over tons of topics and have a TON of fun! Enjoy!

HenryPMiller brings us a new episode of the AMMERTIME Podcast! This week he goes over what an acceptable model is for T9A, Undying Dynasties, High Born Elves, and psychological breakdowns. lol! Definitely another solid gold episode! You will enjoy it!

H R (HRBP) is up next and brings us his overview of the Cry Havoc GT 2017 GT! Gotta love solid coverage of GT's! If you're curious about the Cry Havoc GT check out this video!

Rasmus7814 is back this week with another very entertaining video of a 4000 point battle where his SA take on the multitudinous VS! Very easy report to get into!

And that's going to do it for this week's Content Review! Tune in next week to see what new and amazing content we come up with! You will NOT be disappointed!

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