Who Am I? By Mitch flint

Table of Content
  • Who did I think I was before entering this class?
  • 1. Interest Profiler 2. IDEAS 3. Workplace Importance Locator 4. Career Cluster
  • What career from my results interest me?
  • What Education is required?
  • What schooling options are I am willing to consider?
  • What companies would I like to consider working for?

Strengths, Weaknesses, Plans, Goals

  • Strengths: Hard Worker, Smart, Gets things done and gets them done well!
  • Weaknesses: ADHD, Gets bored easily, Trouble Focusing
  • Plans: Planning to go to Eastern Oregon University and continue my Athletic and Academic Career there.
  • Goals: Become a Physical Therapist and Become an All-American.

Analyzing my CIS Results

  • Interest Profiler: These are my top three interests in the work field, and the type of experiences I like to enjoy while i'm in the workplace.
  • IDEAS: I'm really a hands on person and I like to be involved in the planning process or in the main planning phase of it or to do my own work is usually where I find the most enjoyment.
  • Workplace Importance Locator: I really like being recognized for my Achievements, being recognized publicly is the very best I like attention especially when it is positive attention.
  • Career Cluster: Working in Finance dealing with money and being a tourist is one of the bigger things I enjoy in life, doing them as a job would be one of the better career choices for me.

The type of Careers that interest me from my results, are Physical Therapy and Tour Guide, as you get to explore and talk about certain aspects of a location as a Tour Guide, and as a Physical Therapist you get to constantly have your hands on and work throughout the day.

  • Education: It requires a Bachelors in Pre-Physical Therapy, and a post graduate Masters, in Physical Therapy and Health Sciences. Almost a total of 8 Years of schooling after High School.
  • Schooling: Their are many schooling options from ISU all the way to EOU. I'm honestly willing to consider anything from Idaho State that offers a Pre-Graduate Program as well as a Post-Graduate, to Eastern Oregon that offers a Pre-Graduate.
  • Work Opportunities: I would very much like to own my own private practice, that way I could capitalize on the substantial amount of money and as well not have to worry about impressing a boss because I am my own boss.


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