What is in the CONSTITUTION By: JJ StJohn

Article 1

A Representative must be at or over the age of 25 .The length of a Representative's term is 2 years.
Representatives are determined by state's respective numbers of their population.The minimum number of representatives for each state is one.
Each state elects two Senators. There are always 100 Senators in the country.
Two thirds of the total number of members of the House of Representatives has to be there to convict/impeach a President.
Congress has to meet at least once every year. The first meeting of Congress is the first Monday of December.

Article 2

The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. You have to have 270 votes out of 538 electoral votes for a person to become President.
If anything happens to the President then the Vice President will then take the Presidents place

Article 3

Congress decides if a person committed treason.
Appellate Jurisdiction is the power of a higher court to review decisions and change outcomes of decisions of lower courts.
Amendment 1- You have Freedom of Religion press and speech
Amendment 2- You have the right to be armed
Amendment 3- You have the right to not quarter soldiers
Amendment 4- You have the right to be free from unreasonable searches.
Amendment 5- You can never be in double jeopardy and you can't self incriminate yourself.
Amendment 6- You have the right to be defended by a lawyer.
Amendment 7- You have the right to have jury in civil cases.
Amendment 8- Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.
Amendment 9- Protects basic rights that are not in the constitution.
Amendment 10- The right to keep some of the power for the states and people instead of just for Congress.
Amendment 11- Prevents suits against states.
Amendment 12- You have the right to vote for the Presidential Election.
Amendment 13- Slavery is now outlawed.
Amendment 14- There will be no more discrimination.
Amendment 15- Black people getting the right to vote instead of white only.
Amendment 16- Individual income tax.
Amendment 17- Election of national Senators.
Amendment 18- Prohibition of alcoholic drinks.
Amendment 19- The right for Woment to be able to vote instead of just men.
Amendment 20- Lame- Duck period shortened for federal offices.
Amendment 21- Repeal to Prohibition ( they can drink again)
Amendment 22- The limitation of how long the President can stay in office.
Amendment 23- Washington D.C. given the right to vote for presidential electors.
Amendment 24- Abolition of poll taxes .
Amendment 15- succession of the President that is in office.
Amendment 26- 18 year olds are able to vote.
Amendment 27- limits the power of Congress to increase its own salaries.

The Constitution actually means a lot to me. I learned that I am able to worship God freely and nobody can tell me otherwise. I am able to have my own opinion because of it and other people have the right to have their opinions. The Constitution keeps Congress from having too much power so it doesn't become a dictatorship and it is more of a guide. I am able to live a good life knowing there aren't slaves serving people in the United States and how we can really be free.


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