Syrian Civil War Joey Slininger

Where in the World is this conflict? Syria

• Why is it taking place? Because of disagreements with the government

• What is the current political geography of this region? It's in Syria

Who are the people involved? Syria and Syrian Government

• Who are the Religious/Ethnic groups involved? Arabs

• Does Physical geography play a role in the conflict? No

• What is being fought over? The governments decisions

• Is this affecting other regions? Yes

What is the current political situation? The war is because of the government

• How and when did the situation emerge? 2011

• What are the specific demands/interests of each side? Sovereignty

• Who has and wants sovereignty in this situation? Syria wants it

• How has history shaped this conflict? The making of Syrian government

Why should the U.S. be concerned with this conflict? Because it might bring the population of the world down

• What has the U.S. done about it? Nothing really

• What should the U.S. do about it? They should help and try stop it

-How and when could this conflict be solved? This could be solved as soon as the government agrees with Syria

• What has to happen for it to be solved? Government has to agree with the rest of Syria

• If it has been solved, what was the solution? Who implemented it and what benefits or disadvantages are there for this solution? The government has to change

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