Mt. St Helens Eruption of 1980

I chose the Mt St. Helens Eruption of 1980 because is one of the most significant volcanic eruptions in the United States.

The event occurred at Mt St Helens near Skamania County in Washigton. The volcano errupted May 18, 1980 at 8:32 am

The volcano erupted because of an earthquake, causing the north face of the mountain to slide away. Because it was cause by an earthquake, its was caused geologically.
Volcanoes can effect a very large area depending on how much debris can spew out of the volcano. Ash and dust clouds can block out the sun very far away from the volcano.
Animals and plants in a certain radius of the volcano died, causing the ecosystem weaken if not vanish.
The earthquake broke down, or weathered the already weakened north face of Mt St. Helens. It then caused a landslide of all of the debris, eroding it to the base of the mountain where it got deposited.
Succession would come faster than primary. First, grasses will begin to grow, then small trees and bushed, finally bigger trees and animals until it reaches its climax. Today there are some grasses starting to grow back.
People were not prepared for an earthquake nor any volcanic eruption. There was no way that people could evacuate prior to the blast. As of a result 50 to 60 people died (or gone missing) after the eruption.

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