The Senior Experience with Aundrea Pye


I'm BEYOND excited that you're interested in The Senior Experience! It really is something that I've become passionate about and love to do. I love getting to meet seniors, provide them with a fun experience, create amazing photos, and getting to laugh with them while we talk about dreams for the future.

About Aundrea

My heart for photography lies in creating + capturing beauty, emotion, and movement. My desire is to travel the globe photographing couples that are in love, individuals that are artists + creatives, and high school + college seniors.

I'm an old soul in a lot of ways. I love music from the 30s and 40s, handwritten letters, and printed photographs. There's just a different type of romance that resides in those things and I want to help the world hold onto that sweetness a little longer. I'm not looking to snap a picture of you perfectly posed and smiling at the camera to hang above your fireplace.

I'm looking to photograph your stories in it's entirety. All the in between moments + mishaps. Photographs you layout in a photo album that sits on a shelf or coffee table. That you pull out year after year with your children + eventual grandchildren, telling the stories of your life. The story of the transitions in your life.

Emotion. Documentation. Legacy.

We'll never live these moments again.

Why Senior Photography?

I graduated from Brunswick High School and remember the only option for senior photography then was the yearbook photo session. It took place in the school cafeteria, it was cold, uncomfortable, there were tons of other people around that I didn't know, the photographers lacked personality and smiles, it wasn't my style at all, and in the end, I hated the photos. Fast forward almost 10 years and it appears there isn't anyone who truly specializes in senior photography in the Brunswick or Savannah areas still.

Through my journey as a photographer, I've tried my hand at many genres of photography. I realized that while I enjoyed many of them, my passion for photography seemed to be burning out. It was after a lot of brainstorming and shooting an individual portrait session with a friend graduating college that I starting figuring out that senior photography was the outlet that I needed for my passion. It allows me to focus on an individual, learning about them and building a relationship. It gives me freedom to create beautiful photographs and have fun experimenting with new techniques. And it gives me the opportunity to do something else I love. Which is talking with people to hear what their dreams and desires are, encouraging them to chase those things, and figuring out ideas to help them get there.

Senior photography is the PERFECT place to use my gifts and talents to provide you with a fun experience, amazing photos and video, laugh together, build relationships, and to inspire and encourage you to dream and then chase them. Once I figured this out, the flood gates opened and ideas for creating a unique senior experience and passion for just that started flowing out of me.

I saw not just one need, but many. A need to provide the Brunswick and Savannah areas with someone who specializes in senior photography. A need for a senior photography experience that goes beyond a standard photo session. A need for someone who cares about the seniors in our area. A need to create culture and an outlet for our teens to get involved in our communities. A need to inspire and encourage them to dream and to chase them. A need to offer activities and things to do for fun, learning, and growing. This is a defining time in a person's life. This is when you are transitioning from child to adult and figuring out who you are. And it's hard, especially in today's world.

The experience

In early 2016, an idea started forming for a senior photography experience that was beyond the standard family photo session or school yearbook photo session. Graduating from high school is an accomplishment and a time of life, you'll look back on. It's when we start our transition from child to adult. Life is fun and exciting at this time, but also a bit scary. Everything in life is about to change. Maybe you're going off to college, starting a business, heading off to travel for a bit, or any number of things.

I believe photography is about documenting moments in our lives. From the mundane moments to the big accomplishments. We'll tell stories of our high school days, the funny times, the mistakes we made, the times we skipped school and got caught, the things we learned, and the friends we had. We'll tell the stories of all the things that happened the summer after graduation, your first day of college, and everything that follows. And when you do tell these stories, you'll have these photos to show exactly what you looked like at this time in your life. The time when you graduated and just before you began to stumble your way into adulthood.

My vision is to create a photo shoot that is another experience and moment, you'll remember. Another story you'll share, years later. A day to celebrate the ending of an era and the beginning of another. A day that's all about you and having fun.

We offer two styles of Experience shoots!

The Solo Experience

This shoot experience is perfect for those of you who want the spotlight on yourself! You have our team's undivided attention. You'll arrive to our getting ready location where you'll be greeted with smiles, snacks, and beverages. We'll look through your wardrobe and then you'll go through hair + makeup before we head off on our shoot adventure!

The Exclusive Experience

We're also excited about offering what we call The Exclusive Experience. This is exclusively for you and your best friends to experience together! Instead of you doing a shoot alone, we invite you and your best friends to book a day just for you! The ultimate senior shoot experience. You all get to hang out, go through hair + makeup, have snack and beverages, music, individual shoot time, and shoot time as a group. And the best part (aside from the ultimate girls day)? You each get a discount on your shoot for booking together!

You'll each save $100 on the package you of your choice when booking The Exclusive Experience. Discount not valid for package No. 3. Everyone in your group must be booked at least 1 month before the shoot. Minimum of 3 seniors, maximum 5 seniors. If at least 3 seniors in your group have not booked 1 month before the shoot, you will be responsible for paying full price for your package.

What To Expect

The shoot is designed to make you feel like you are a model. All the attention will be on YOU.

Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by Aundrea and the rest of the team for your shoot. Then the fun begins! We will have snacks and beverages for you and a curated music playlist based on music you like. You'll be asked to bring 5 outfits so that we can go through them and choose a few for your shoot. You will go through hair and makeup first. Once hair and makeup is done, we start shooting! I will have an assistant or two that will help with lighting, different tasks I need, bringing you beverages, and carrying your bags. Most shoots I like to do in areas like Downtown Savannah or Downtown Brunswick. This allows us to walk around and find several different locations to shoot, to provide you with multiple looks. We carry around a speaker for music and we just have fun laughing, shooting, and dancing.


We offer an in person consultation when you're ready to book with Aundrea. We'd love to chat with you and your parents! This is a time to ask questions, tell us ideas you have, and get excited about your shoot. We can discuss outfits, locations, and expectations.


Our team is able to accommodate doing your shoot wherever you please. Most of packages include 1 location. Though our favorite places are ones that offer multiple scenes/backgrounds for your shoot. Downtown Savannah is our recommended location! In Savannah, we rent a location for the meet up and is where you will go through hair and makeup. From there, we do a shoot walk, this is where we start walking around downtown and stopping at various places to grab photos. It makes a fun adventure and provides you with multiple scenes for your shoot! So while it's technically one location, it's also many locations.

Hair + Makeup

Every shoot comes with professional hair + makeup services. This is about pampering you and helping you look your best to create stunning portraits. Aundrea hand selects hair and makeup artists for every shoot to ensure quality + professionalism. Hair + makeup is done on site for the shoot!

The Team

There are a few hair + makeup artists I use for shoots depending on availability and the location of our shoot. I also have an assistant with me at every shoot to assist both myself and YOU. And depending on what package you book, more team members such as a videographer may be added in! In the next few weeks, these team members will be added to my website with their photos and information about what they do, so be on the lookout!

Snacks + Beverages

We all get hungry + we want you energized for your shoot. When you arrive we'll have an assortment of finger foods, pastries, + beverages for you!

Bring a Friend

We encourage you to bring a friend! Bringing your best friend with you will help you feel more comfortable and someone to experience the day with! Tell your friend to put on something cute and we'll get one photo of the two of you together. While shooting your friend can tell jokes, help control the music, and even run our social media highlighting your shoot!


We love you gifting you with an experience, amazing photos and videos, and cool stuff! Every shoot comes with a gift bag. We're constantly scouring Etsy and local shops to find awesome things for the gift bags. It's our way of saying thank you for letting us be part of this celebration with you! And who doesn't love gift bags?


Music is essential to life + shoots with Aundrea Pye. It helps Aundrea get in her groove, it kills the awkward silences, helps set the mood for the shoot, gets you dancing + laughing, and just adds that final touch to every shoot that completes the experience. We will curate a playlist for your shoot based on music you like!


Upon booking your shoot, we will send you a questionnaire. It will help get to know you better, find out what kind of music you like for your playlist, what your style is, your best memories of high school, and dreams for the future.

Referral Rewards

When you book a shoot and become one of our #AundreaPyeSeniors, you become eligible for referral rewards! Every time someone books a Senior Experience shoot with us and says you referred them, you get rewards! These rewards consists of gift cards and additional photos!

  • For every referral that books a package, you will receive a $25 Visa Card.
  • If you get 5 referrals, you'll receive a $50 Visa Gift and a t-shirt or coffee mug with our logo
  • If you get 10 referrals, you'll receive a $100 Visa gift card, a t-shirt or coffee mug with our logo, and some other goodies!

Behind The Scenes

Creative Shoots

Creative shoots are where it's acceptable to play dress up and wear makeup + outfits that are little too artistic for everyday life. I invite you to start dreaming about what kind of fun look you want to do for your creative shoot! This is a time for us to have fun and experiment with different looks and shooting styles. A creative shoot is included in our No. 1 package or can be added on at an additional cost.



No. 1

The Full Senior Experience

  • 3 hours of shoot time
  • Getting ready location
  • 1 hair + makeup service
  • 1 shoot location
  • 30 photos


*payment plans available

No. 2

  • 1.5 hours of shoot time
  • 1 basic hair + makeup service
  • 1 shoot location
  • 20 photos


*payment plans available

No. 3

Mini Shoot

  • 30 minutes of photographer's time
  • 1 shoot location
  • 12 photos


*no discounts available for this shoot *not eligible for the Exclusive Experience *does not include hair and makeup, snacks, beverages, or gift bags. *this is a basic, mini portrait session

package add ons

  • Creative Shoot (45 minutes) - $325
  • 3-5 minute video - $600
  • Makeup - $75
  • Hair - $75
  • Add false lashes - $10
  • Upgrade to airbrush makeup - $10
  • Upgrade hair to updo - $10


You have the option to go ahead and book online now or schedule a consultation appointment with Aundrea. At the consultation, we can discuss your vision, get to know each other a bit, and give you the option to book in person.

ALL shoot require a 35% non-refundable retainer fee is due at the time of booking along with a signed contract. No dates will reserved or scheduled without the signed contract and 35% non-refundable retainer fee.

Your total balance is due 14 days before your shoot. If booking your shoot for a date that is less than 2 weeks out, the total balance is due at the time of booking.

We understand that graduation expenses add up! We're happy to offer payment plans for booking your Senior Experience shoot! We'd be more than happy to discuss the different options for payment plans with you!

We also offer a discount of 10% off if you pay your balance in full at the time of booking. We currently accept cash, checks, and Venmo payments. Discount not available for package No. 3. | | +1 (912) 689-9589


Aundrea Pye

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