The Kidnapping of Chirstina By: Hannah sedgwick

Everyday after school Christina and her best friend, Lorna, go to the fast food burger joint right down the street.
There is this guy who works there his name is zack.Christina noticed that Zack stares at her everyday, that was the main reason she wanted to go there so much. One day a lady came in and sat next to Christina and went off on her telling her to never come up here again. She was Zack's girlfriend..
Christina ignored the approach and went about her day. That night when Christina was walking to her car she had a feeling someone was watching her...
A man with a ski mask on grabbed her and put one hand over his mouth and the other hand on a gun pointed to Christina's head. Christina felt a huge rush then a pain in her arm she looked down and saw a needle injected into her..
The men shoved Christina into a van and drove off in a hurry.
Christina woke up in a abandoned room. Confused and alone. She was not sure how long she had been asleep and the drugs were wearing off, making her very disoriented..
Finally Christina woke up and knew she had todo something in order to escape. So she began to look around and look our the only one window trying to make sure she has enough evidence for police when they find her. It finally hit her.. She wondered why someone would do such a thing to her.
Christina heard the door unlock and the man approached her. He had a proposition. He said that if Christina signed this piece of paper addressed to her grandma asking her to realize 50,000$ to Christina with no questions asked. If she did so he would let her go home unharmed. And so she did....
Three days after Christina signed the paper the man in the ski mask came home with all the money. Her grandma followed the rules. The man allowed Christina to go upstairs and shower then he would let her go home. While she was showering a women had to stand in the bathroom with a gun to Christians head..
Right when Christina got out of the shower they heard a knock on the door. It was the police the mysterious kidnappers threw her the gun to Christina and took off there ski mask, walking out with there hands up!! The police rushed inside and found Christina holding the gun....
The two kidnappers framed Christina saying it was her idea. The told police that Christina ran away and made a plan to steal her grandmas money. The police arrested all three suspects and took them all downtown.

Christina broke down and told the detectives the whole story. They did not believe her... no one did.. She was released to her parents after all chargers were dropped and even her own parents didn't believe her...

Read the book to find out the ending....


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