Shakira By Abbey keller

Background Info

  1. Born February 2, 1977
  2. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
  3. Born in Colombia

Why is Shakira Important to Latin American History?

  • She was the most successful Latin American recording artist by 2000
  • Globally known Latin American recording artist
  • Goodwill ambassador to UNICEF

Cultural Interactions

  1. Brought Latin American music to America and the rest of the world
  2. Most successful Latin American recording artist (she is 1/22 Colombian artists)


  • Brought Latin American/Colombian music to all areas of the world
  • Changed the way people view Latin American music
  • Made people enjoy Colombian/Latin American music

a Shakira Quote

"In this life, to earn your place you have to fight for it."-Shakira


Works Consulted

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