Neanderthals By asta goutsiaris

Fun Fact: Neanderthals had a diet that was very similar to ours. They ate nutrious and tasty food. They are known to eat nuts, fish, fruit, and vegetables as apart of their diet.

The Neanderthal man, or cave man, was an early human that came from Europe and Western Asia between 24,000 and 130,000 years ago. Neanderthal males averaged 1.65 metres (5.5 ft) in height and had heavy bone structure. Females were around 1.53 to 1.57 metres (5 ft) tall.

Some people may think that Neanderthals were around when the dinosaurs were. That is completely incorrect since the Neanderthals were around after the asteroid hit Earth due to the dinosaurs being extinct. However, the Neanderthals did exist with a wide range of mammals such as the woolly mammoths, and saber tooth tigers/cats

Neanderthals appearance was similar to ours. Though they were shorter with not the best posture with angles cheekbones, and wide noses. Though sometimes thought as dumb individuals, scientists have discovered that they used tools, buried their dead and knew how to control fire, among other intelligent behaviours and talents. Tihere are theories that there was once a time where Neanderthals, humans and possibly other Homo species shared the Earth.

The Neanderthals adapted quickly to new environments as they migrated. Some lived in caves, while others built shelters out of branches and animal skins. Still others dug pits and covered them with branches, animal skins and leaves.


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