An amazing journey A water droplet on the JOURNEY of a lifetime

I'm Walter the water droplet. Today I will tell you about the wonderful journey of my life the water cycle.

I've been in the ocean forever. I've had to sit in here for 60 YEARS!

Then all of a sudden on a real sunny and hot day. I started floating. I'm... I'm evaporating. Up up and up I went to the big fluffy kingdom. "Man it feels good to be out of there."

But then, right as I was just getting comfortable. I started precipitating "CANNON BALL!!!"


I landed in a lake, I swimmed up to a sign "welcome to Lake Tapps. Huh never heard of it."

"Wow i'm seeping through, under ground." Down down I went in to the ground. I ran across a cave to, in fact I have a picture of it.

I wonder if the goonies were here

I ran across anthorer rain drop I talked to him for a little bit "how long will we be down here for?"

"Pretty long time more than likely your in ground water storage. I've been down here for 200 years"

"Wow" and he was right I ended up being down there for 350 years. It felt like I was in there forever "LET ME OUT". Just because of how loud I yelled I moved like only one milimeter! "AHHH COME ON". But you'll never guess what happened next. I seeped back into the same lake. Then I evaporated again back up to the clouds.

But these ones were darker than the last. I bet i'll precipitate faster. And sure enough that's exactly what happened. But instead of landing in a lake I landed in a river. But you wouldn't believe it I started going back under ground AGAIN!

But this time I became ground water flow. And I seeped back into that Lake Tapps place again. And GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? I evaporated AGAIN. But this time instead of a lake or river I landed in the soil.

And that's when I ended my journey. And I knew that was my water cycle.

"Those are keepers."

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