Shakespeare, Globe Theatre, and Disease By Miguel Martinez Period 5

Thesis: How the Globe theatre, Shakespeare, and diseases affected the Renaissance and the time we live in today.


Quote #1 “Shakespeare's plays are still produced all over the world" (Anderson 777).

Commentary: It is saying how even though he died about 400 years ago he is till getting famous.This shows that Shakespeare made such a big impact on us that we still produces his plays. I wonder if he still gets money for the plays we are producing for him and if he does, where does the money go to.

Quote #2 "By 1612, when he returned to Stratford to live the life of a prosperous retired gentleman, Shakespeare had written thirty-seven plays, including such masterpieces as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth"(Anderson 777).

Commentary:In 1612, when Shakespeare returned to the place he was born, Stratford, so he could live a successful retired man. By that time, Shakespeare had written 37 masterpiece plays.If Shakespeare never existed, then we will not have many plays that entertained us or taught us lessons. I wonder if any of Shakespeare's plays did really bad and a lot of people did not like it.

Quote #3 "His works have been translated into a remarkable number of languages, and his plays are performed throughout the world"(Lander 243).

Commentary:His plays and his playwrights were translated into many languages and he plays are done and performed all over the whole world.Only impactful plays get to go around the whole world. Also it was in many different languages so everyone can enjoy his plays. I wonder if they needed Shakespeare's approval to do the plays in different languages.

Quote #4"Shakespeare’s works reflect the cultural, social, and political conditions of the Elizabethan Age"(Lander 243).

Commentary:Shakespeare's plays and playwrights represented the cultural, social, and political shape of the era in which queen Elizabeth the first ruled.(Lander)Shakespeare's plays basically shaped a whole era and so it affected it greatly. I wonder if it was a rule you had to follow the social and cultural ways of Shakespeare.

The Globe Theatre:

Quote #5 "In 1599, Burbage's theater was torn down and its timbers were used by Shakespeare and his company to build the Globe Theatre"(Anderson 779).

Commentary:A theater called Burbage's theater was destroyed and the remains of it, the wood, was used by Shakespeare and his company to build a new theater called the Globe Theatre. They torn down a whole theater just make the Globe Theatre. They could have used other wood but it was impactful to them they just used the other theater. I wonder if they never made the Globe Theatre, would Burbage's theater still be up to this day.

Quote #6 "A whole forest scene was created in one play when a character announced, 'Well, this is the Forest of Arden'"(Anderson 779).

Commentary:A whole scene about a forest was made in one play back then when a person in the story said "Well, this is the Forest of Arden."This one scene influenced many other plays around the world. Instead if a play is too cheap to afford props, they can just say where they are. I wonder if they do that for every scene or just the ones that are to expensive.

Quote #7 "The Globe held 3,000 people, and its audiences were composed of members from all social classes. Lords and ladies, whores and thieves, and barristers, professors, and students, and just about everyone in between attended plays at the Globe"(Hager 345).

Commentary:The Globe holds 3,000 people and those people were mixture of Lords, ladies, whores, thieves, barristers, professors, students and every who ranges from them watched plays at the Globe. It greatly affected the country that everybody went to see it. That meant many people met each other at the Globe and untied a lot of people. I wonder did any peasants meet any lords or ladies.

Quote #8 "The Globe Theater burned to the ground in 1613 when, during a performance of Shakespeare's Henry VIII, a blazing wad of tow that had been shot from a cannon ignited the thatched roof. By June of the following year, the reconstructed theater reopened"(Hager 345).

Commentary:During 1613, The Globe theatre burned down when a cannon misfired and lighted up the thatched roof during the play Shakespeare's Henry VIII. The next June they rebuild the Theatre and it opened again. Since it greatly affected the time back then they rebuild it right away. Other companies or people would have waited awhile. I wonder if they kept on using cannons and other props after the fire.


Quote #9 "Settlers to the American colonies bring diseases such as measles and smallpox with them from Europe"("Diseases"646).

Commentary:People that came from Europe bring diseases like measles and smallpox. Since this was the time around Shakespeare, it may have affected the country and his plays. I wonder if they closed the Globe Theatre because of smallpox.

Quote #10 "If we are to believe what we hear, human acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is an apocalyptic scourge that threatens the 21st century"(Murphy 643).

Commentary:If we think what we hear is true, then AIDS is going to threat the 21st century. It is greatly affecting the 21st century and could kill us all. I wonder if they had disease like this back then.

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