St. Lucia By Jade

St. Lucia is an eastern Caribbean island with a population of about 187,768. Its government is Constitutional Monarchy and the Parliamentary system. Their prime minister is Allen Chastanet. Its official language is English.

St Lucia Map

The island was first settled by Arawak indians who were taken over by the Caribs. Europeans established a settlement but were forced to flee because of the Caribs. Meanwhile the dutch established Vieux Fort. After the French established a colony on St Lucia and signed a treaty with the Caribs. The French had made 12 colonies before the island was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Paris, but the island was restored to France. It is now a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and the Caribbean Community.


In St Lucia up until the age of 11 children go to a primary school then they take an entrance exam to get into secondary school. Their school days last eight to nine hours and it is required that the students wear a uniform. In government run schools the classes usually have about 30 kids.

Students are taught math, science, english, history, social studies, french, and spanish. Their lessons are taught in English even though many children speak Creole at home.

Popular Things

St Lucia's most popular sports are cricket and football. Their most popular food is the Saint Lucian cuisine, which is unripe bananas peeled and sauted with garlic, onions, celery, and peppers. Country and western music is really popular in the St Lucian culture.


St Lucia's biggest source of income and jobs is tourism. It has a lack of geological resources so its economy relies on banana crops, income from tourism, and additional income from small scale manufacturing.

"Battle of Cul de Sac"

The Battle of Cul de Sac or The Battle of St. Lucia was a naval battle between the British and French fought off the coast of St Lucia during the Revolutionary War on December 15, 1778. The French looked to be preparing a third assault, but they sailed away instead which meant doom for the local French garrison.

Joseph Marcell

Joseph Marcell is a Saint Lucian-born British actor. He is known for his role as Geoffrey the English butler from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Current Event

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is having manpower issues. Officers are leaving the force or retiring. They have some vacancies and are looking to recruit new officers soon so they can begin training.

Interesting Fact - there were a total of 39 murder in St Lucia in 2012.

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