Natural Courage It took a while to find it

"Don't you for forget what mama taught you!"

How much do you respect yourself? How much do you respect others?

Employ exercises of self-awareness, self-respect, self-monitoring, self-discipline and delayed gratification. I have come to realize that sometimes people just need to share and you don’t have to interject or have to have the solution to the problem if there is one. As the listener, “you are not allowed to speak or interrupt in any way.” After you have listened actively, it's appropriate to ask a few questions to help with the flow of the conversation. Listening is a skill that has true real life application and will help you foster better interpersonal relationships and group interaction.

Empower one another. Listen to one another. Hear one another.

"Lights, camera, ...It takes ACTION!"

No one person is bigger than the united team effort! One disruption will affect the whole collective group. Face it, we all need each other. No one man or woman is a stand alone island! Your actions ripple into mine and vice versa. The current can become turbulent at a moment's notice, so avoid causing the tsunami if at all possible, PLEASE!!

Life will not be easy. I want you to get to know who you are . I want to get to know what is important to you. I want you to really trust and believe in your God given talents and abilities. If you are able to not let your fear of failure get in your way, you will start to realize your active, productive, contributive self! Below are a series of activities to stir your creative juices and cease your boredom. Who knows what you will find out about your self after you explore YOU!


Created with images by DeeAshley - "Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am relieved to inform you that, once again, the sun has risen in the east, and set in the west. We can all breath a sigh of relief, as all things are as they should be for yet another cycle... :)"

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