Purpose Giovanna Maranghi

What is happiness to you? Or, how do you define happiness

Happiness to me is a hot cup of tea

Happiness, like any emotion, is an abstract concept, it is not something to be touched or held and saved for later use. Rather it is a state of being, a mental mindset. Happiness in many ways is a choice, it emerges when an individual decides embrace positivism and optimism whatever their circumstances. However, I feel there are two types of happiness. The age old saying “ignorance is bliss” has proven true in my life many times and plays into the observation that often the most self-aware people suffer the most from profound sadness. Finding a balance between intellect and happiness can be a challenge. Being aware of the atrocities and problems faced by so many make a happy mindset difficult. To me happiness comes when I accept that life is not perfect, yet am in a place where my basic needs are being met and no personal crisis is happening. The more life I experience the more I realize that happiness is less about the material possessions I own, but achieving a feeling of contentedness by surrounding myself by those who care for my well-being and disregarding the criticism of those who do not know me

What will make you think you're a successful person? What is the role that suffering plays in life?

I will feel successful when I no longer am struggling to make ends meet, when I am in a position where I can use my own resources to benefit others and am working a job which is beneficial not just to myself, but to others. I especially crave to be in a position where I can care for my family as I am the oldest child. My picture of success involves me living in a home I feel safe and comfortable in as well. In addition, this success will be accompanied by a defined lack of suffering. I feel suffering in many ways defines life. Most of what we do is a means of escaping suffering whether physical or mental. True success comes when we can limit the suffering of ourselves and others.

What does it mean to say that life is meaningful and how is this achieved?

- Charles Bukowski

Meaning in life has been a point of struggle for myself. After suffering with intense struggles with chronic depression I came to the realization that perhaps there is no greater meaning in life. If you do not have faith in a greater power then there is no reason to believe humans are more profound a species than the common crow. Though I tried to believe in something, anything, bigger than myself my heart was never at ease. Eventually through school I was introduced to the writings of Soren Kierkegaard and existentialism. The thought that the only meaning in my life comes from my own actions was comforting, as a result I strive to put forth the best of myself and create a meaning of my own.

Is there something more to life than success, material riches, and/or achieving your dreams? What might that “something” be?

There is much to my life other than physical possessions. I feel one of the greatest things that can be done is a lifetime is to ease the suffering of others and share intimacy whether it is physical or emotional. It is when I am helping others and receiving love from friends, family and partners that I feel the most content. While money is important as it provides for basic necessities, it cannot love or be felt.


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