The People Of The Dogon tribe

Their homes

In the dogon tribe, their homes are made out of Bandiaga cliffs. There are all cared by hand.


The main religion in the dogon tribe is their own. In their religion they believe in spirits and their main called Amma. But they do have some people who follow Christianity and Islam.


Art in the dogon tribe I'd based on sculptures. They are.made of wood because of a wood near by.


When someone dies they place their soul in their final resting place, in a series of masked dances also performed by dogons.


In the dogon tribe they grow onions and also eat millet and sorghum. They also eat other things like, vegetables and rice.


There is a legend that alien's visited the dogons. This is because the dogon knew so much about the solar system. They could also see it more than others.


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