why cause pain? By daisy lopez

Have you ever wondered what happens to the bully or the victim of the bully after being caught? Have you ever wondered what each of their lives were like? Everyone gets affected in this type of situation and nobody gets unharmed when it comes to bullying.


Some people who are affected by bullying are willing or is going to try and attempt suicide. This happens because they are affected by what is happening. Ashley Strickland states that,

“bullying causes changes in the stress response system of the brain, affecting cognitive function and self-regulating emotions.”

This is showing that this leads up to suicide. It causes people to lose track of what they are feeling and makes them believe that they are not worthy enough as far as to live.

Illegal things

The topic of Bullying overall does and can lead to people doing illegal things as they grow older or as they are still kids. In the same article written by Strickland Ashley, she states that,

“They are more likely to be depressed, are at great risk for poor psychological and social outcomes and are more likely to engage in high-risk activities such as vandalism and theft.”

This is showing that the people who are involved in bullying on either side do get affected on what happens to them. As you grow older you won't forget what had happened to you as a kid and would make you want to get revenge somehow.

depression and anxiety

When it comes to bullying, who do you pay more attention to? Very often it is always just the victim. In an article by Dalton, Rick, and Virginia Wilkins. "The Way to Really Stop School Bullying: Student Mentors." states,

“A year ago, Tiara, then a seventh grader at Cloonan Middle School in Stamford, Conn., was a bully. “I would go crazy,” she recalls. “I would get mad and say bad things and yell at kids.” Not surprisingly, Tiara was in the principal’s office at least once a week. Then, six months ago, Kelly, an eighth grader at Cloonan, began mentoring Tiara.

This is showing that bullies get affected too because in the article it is stating that the bully, “tiara” needed mentoring. She had struggles when she was bullying a person. You can tell that tiara herself was stressed and did not really pay attention to her school work.

These pieces of information shows you, that one side isn’t the only side hurt. Everyone gets affected. It causes both sides to attempt and commit suicide, have mental and emotional health problems that lead to doing illegal things, and causes depression and anxiety. So why would you want to cause pain? Why do you or someone else want to make fun of somebody? Sometimes even the little things lead up to something bigger,


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