Lyndon Told the Nation Tom Paxton

  • The song Lyndon Told the Nation was released in 1965.
I jumped off the old troop ship / And sank in mud up to my hips / I cussed until the captain called me down / Never mind how hard it's raining / Think of all the ground we're gaining / Just don't take one step outside of town

This verse is talking about how the soldiers would fight in Vietnam, which had very different terrain and land than the United States. Vietnam had a jungle terrain with mountains, forests as well as rivers, which Paxton mentions as "mud up to my hips". When the he says "just don't take one step outside of town", he is saying how hard it was to trust anyone outside of town since many of the Vietnamese, looked similar to V.C.

  • This song reflects the time period in which the Vietnam war was taking place. Paxton is singing as a soldier. After being drafted by Lyndon B Jonson, he went into battle facing the new terrain and the enemy forces.
  • Tom Paxton was inspired to write this because the Vietnam War was just beginning. His lyrics were said to be meaningful and captivating.
  • "Lyndon Told the Nation" allowed the opportunity to hear the hardships and opinions Americans had towards the war.

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