The Georgian friday, 20 September 2019

Friday, 20 September 2019

Behind the study door

We watched this clip in Assembly on Monday morning. I asked the children how many people were involved in this pit stop operation and how long it took.

The important role that everyone plays in servicing an Formula 1 car during a race can be compared to the teamwork required every week at school. A significant proportion of the success of our children on a day-to-day basis stems from their ability - growing and developing constantly - to work as part of a team. Sometimes a very small cog, and sometimes a slightly more prominent cog, but every role and contribution of equal importance. Every single member of the hockey and football teams this week will have had to put their position as a team-player well ahead of their own personal skills and ability; our choirs and ensembles have rehearsed this week as teams, listening to others and understanding their responsibilities as a team; our choristers certainly put teamwork into practice yesterday in their joint concert with Eton and the Royal Philharmonic in St George's Chapel; and there will have been countless examples of teamwork in the classroom this week.

Commitment to teamwork drives creativity, compassion, a desire to get through challenges collectively, and ultimately achieve (together) the highest possible standards. Internationally renowned soloists, world class sprinters and athletes, international rugby players competing in Japan, and the Australian and English cricketers this summer, will all focus - above all else - on the support network of others: they are a mere cog in a team.

We ended our assembly by showing this humorous clip which demonstrates the power of teamwork perfectly:

Another significant benefit of teamwork is the growth of compassion. Children must be encouraged to 'look out and consider others' rather than develop an inflated view of themselves. To achieve something as a team, all those involved have to have the generosity of spirit to put others first. This is just as powerful in the playground and in day-to-day school life as it is in ensuring the success of large scale productions and tournaments.

The 21 strong team of F1 mechanics manage to change four tyres, an exhaust pipe, spark plugs, brake pads and fluid and a complete oil change in just shy of 2.5 seconds. This requires everyone to understand their place in the team, stick to their positions and respect the role of others.

Big hearts versus big heads.

Wishing all St George's families a happy weekend.

William Goldsmith

Head Master's Commendations

Many congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded Head Master's Commendations in Assembly on Monday morning:

Bikram H and Loic C for coding work in computing (Expresso) - creating a car game; James H, Alex L, Nefeli M, Bea A, Jennifer W, Yana V, Tom G, Millie W and Lucas T for excellent brain artwork as a result of the MindUP day; and Milton O'B (Joint for English and Food Technology) for showing great focus, contribution and helpfulness.

Spirit of St George's Award

The following were awarded the Spirit of St George's Award on Monday for showing the core values of the school:

Daniel W: for generosity and thoughtfulness towards another chorister

Zahra Y: for using her own initiative to raise money for the 'Young Leaders' community project, by arranging her own bake sale.

ABRSM Theory Exams

Congratulations to the following for success in their theory exams, taken just before the summer holidays:

Henry B, Thomas K (Grade 1), Callum B, Max C, Ben I'A, Barnaby W, Daniel W (Grade 2), James H, Julian J (Grade 3), Ben S (Grade 4).


All our LAMDA candidates are to be commended for their exceptionally high marks in the exams, taken during the summer term.

Entry level: Rapha K, Siena L, Alma S, Katie K, Freddie C, Isabelle S, Sofia B

Grade 1: George H, Tabitha P, Barney W, Alex L, Tilly W, Evie C

Grade 2: Jimmy N, Arnav K, Thomas K, James H

Grade 3: Milton O'B and Grade 4: Zinédine B

MindUp Thought for the Week:

The mind is just like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand.” - Idowe Koyenikan

Prep School Assemblies

On Thursday we were visited by Ruth Norris from Christian Aid who gave a presentation called 'Hands Across the World'. She told the children about her travels in Ghana and Sierra Leone in West Africa, about the poverty she found there and how girls, in particular, had very little chance of gaining an education and achieving their dreams.

On Friday we were joined by Mr Fred Wilkinson who gave the children a very engaging presentation on emerging technologies and how these would impact their lives in the future. The children were obviously very interested and asked lots of good questions afterwards.

Inside the classroom:

This Week in Year 4

This week in Year 4 the children have been very busy! In maths we have been focusing on rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, continuing on from their work from Year 3. It was great to see some of the children who found it tricky at the beginning recognising the pattern when rounding to 100.

In English we have been focusing on Kennings and the children are writing their own poems looking at how to choose a theme, mind-map key words and then connect nouns and verbs together.

In science we have focused on observational drawings of the human body and used black paper and chalk to draw the bones in the hand and labelled a detailed sketch of the skull.

In geography we have begun to investigate the journey of the river which will be continued.

These are photos taken from the science lesson. The drawings they made are very effective.

Maths News

We have had a great week with Mathletics and I have been extremely impressed with the hard work and dedication of all the pupils across all year groups.

There is a real buzz in the school, and in the last week and a half we have already had 65 children being rewarded their first Bronze award for gaining more than 1000 points in a week.

The pupils are thoroughly enjoying it and are extremely keen to use it to help aid them with their maths work.

Please continue to encourage your child to use it at home.

Solutions to last week's Maths Puzzle

This week's Maths Puzzle

Word of the Week

Sports Report


The U8 and U9 girls have been working hard to refresh and learn new hockey skills ready for their first fixtures against Herries and Upton House on Friday. They have been learning the Indian dribble and working on their positioning on the pitch. With perfect enthusiasm and keenness, their techniques are ready for match play. We do hope you can join us to support them in their first matches this term.

On Wednesday, the U10, U11 and U12 teams took on St George’s Weybridge in their first fixture of the season at the stunning facilities of Eton College. The U10s displayed a fighting spirit, working hard throughout the game. There were some excellent strong tackles from Charley W, Jeevan H and Poppy J. The opposition struggled to move the ball down the pitch in the first two quarters. Well done to Liv D and Tilly W who never gave up throughout the game with some lovely dribbling and teamwork. Well done to all. In the U11 matches, special mention to Jennifer W, who was persistent with her defence and displayed determination throughout. There was a good team effort from both teams and as the game progressed, they moved the ball up the pitch very well. Well done to Ella G on scoring two goals and Willow W for her leadership.


This week our footballers have been working hard to develop their positional play and an appreciation for all positions not just their favoured ones and has, of course, in turn, led to the natural focus on our sporting value of teamwork this week.

U11 Holme Grange Tournament Winners

On Saturday the U11 side travelled over to Holme Grange School to take part in the annual 7-a-side football tournament. The boys played fantastically well, winning four out of their five group matches. The only game they lost in the group was against Holme Grange A, a narrow 1-0 defeat that could have gone either way. Our impressive group points total meant that we would be playing in the 1st vs 2nd final, where we would once again face Holme Grange A. The team started the final positively, Hari K-J and Monty S both came close to opening the scoring early on. James E and Alex W were causing the opposition defence no end of problems with their pace and tricks and with Thomas K, George S and Radley H sitting in front of our goalkeeper James J, the team looked solid. James E opened the scoring after some great work on the wing by Hari K-J down the right wing. This would remain the score for the rest of the match, and despite some nerve-wracking moments towards the end of the game, the team won the final 1-0. A superb effort by all!

The winners! Well done boys!

This week the 1st XI team travelled to Sunningdale and there were a lot of goals involved. It was a very warm afternoon, which made it hard work for both sides. The final result was 7 – 4 to Sunningdale. Despite the final score line, it was a fun match which both sides seemed to enjoy. We kept possession well and passed the ball better than the previous week. Special mention must go to Harry E for his superb goal, directly from a free-kick. Things that we can improve on include our positioning on the pitch and not being scared to make tackles and win possession back. We can also try to work on passing it from the back and not always kicking straight up the pitch. We are all looking forward to our next match on Wednesday away at Leighton Park. Captain's Report by Tom G

The 2nd team faced two tough games against Dolphin and Sunningdale on Wednesday. The team worked hard as a team and scored some great goals, to come out as 3-1 winners against Dolphin. The second game was much tighter, and although the team tried hard, they ultimately lost.

Colts A played in a triangular with Sunningdale and Dolphin Schools. Vs. Sunningdale, a slow start resulted in us conceding the first goal (own goal) before an even contest between the two teams. Both sides had chances, but pressure from Sunningdale in the final minute resulted our team conceding a penalty. Final result 0-2. Vs. Dolphin School – a better passing performance helped our team to create numerous chances. Unfortunately, the post and crossbar were not on our side! Dolphin broke away and scored a goal. However, this made the team even more determined and they immediately equalised. Through consistent pressure and a series of corners, the team forced a goal through a penalty. Final Result 2-1.

The Colts B started well, working effectively as a team to score the first goal. Unfortunately, they let Sunningdale dominate play soon after scoring and didn’t defend tightly, which meant a few quick goals were scored against them. The final score was 5-2. The pre-match focus was ‘Pursuit of Excellence.’ The boys were gracious in defeat and know they need to mark more tightly in defence next time.

The Colts Ds put in an energetic performance against Sunningdale on a warm afternoon in Ascot. The boys dominated throughout the game and remained composed, despite Sunningdale's keeper managing to score. Bikram H pulled strings in midfield, but it was Fede R who scored twice and played the game with a beaming smile on his face!


On Tuesday, the Annual Parent and Pupil Golf Competition took place at Datchet Golf Club. The weather was fantastic, and with a four-ball format, ensuring that every player was able to influence the team's scorecard it made for a fascinating and competitive event. Once all five holes had been played, the scores were tallied. The team on top was Billy O and his Dad. Congratulations to everyone that took part and a big thank you to Paul Cook, the Golf Pro at Datchet Golf Club and our golf activity coach.


Well done to all those who took part in the Tennis Masterclass with Josh Goodall, Head of Tennis at Downe House. Josh was British No 2 behind Andy Murray with a world ranking of 196 from 13 August 2012 until 19 November 2012. A big thank you to Josh and to Chris who came with him, for a fantastic morning of tennis skills.

Sporting Values Mentions

Congratulations to the following:

Tilly W - Pursuing Excellence: Determination throughout the game, excellent defending and strong hitting to clear the ball.

Jennifer W - Teamwork: Working well with her team to defend, creating space and moving into positions to aid successful passes.

Molly J - Pursuing Excellence: Great effort in her hockey lessons so far, determined to perfect her skills and win the ball.

Miles M - Teamwork: For his tireless work rate and energy during a tough game.

Billy O - Pursuing Excellence: For his effort to improve and progress through both training and match play.

The Windsor Festival

The annual Windsor Festival got underway this week, starting with a special Evensong on Sunday to mark the 50th anniversary of the event. Our Choristers took part in a special concert on Thursday with Eton College Choir and the Royal Philharmonic, under the baton of Christopher Robinson, Director of Music in the Chapel from 1975-1991. Featuring music by Elgar and Vaughan-Williams, including the famous 'Five Mystical Songs', the choristers gave a tremendous performance and relished the opportunity to perform alongside a world-class orchestra. Alexios gave a magnificent solo and the choristers can be proud of their performance.

St George's families are warmly invited to attend services in the Chapel. The service schedule for the next fortnight can be found below, as can the Windsor Festival website:

Dorm Diaries

Another busy week in the Boarding house has seen even more day children joining the chorister community to taste the boarding life – plenty of parents are making good use of their Free Boarding Pass, and indeed others are finding that committing to a regular boarding night for one or two nights a week provides stability and security. Please do email Mrs Onions (allison.onions@stgwindsor.org) for further information or to request a tour of the facilities.

Further improvements to the girls’ area include fantastic new curtains and accessories, and the girls themselves have created a beautiful display in their common room.

Wednesday’s activity in the glorious late evening sun was rounders – Team Onions taking on Team Svenson. A tight game ended 10-9, involving some inspired hitting and fielding from Alexander L, Josh I, Theo H, Seb M, Sarrinah S, Jonty O, Lara B, Andreas L, Cedric R, Alex L, Ava S, and Summer E.

And, finally, domestic skills have been tested this week at “bed change”: we are always impressed with our boarders’ abilities with duvets…we think a speed challenge might be on the cards….

Secret boarder success this week: Theo H.

Wishing the following a very...

We wish the following a very Happy Birthday for the week ahead: George G, Leo M, Tommy H, Giles V-G, Radley H, Noah N-C, Ella W.